Jet Set Stop!!!

Jet AirwaysPiece of news: 432 pilots from Jet Airways have gone on strike. This has forced Jet to cancel 174 domestic and 32 international flights. Jet has already sacked 5 pilots (2 last month and 3 yesterday). Now Naresh Goyal is threatening to hire foreign pilots.

Piece of Analysis: Whom should we blame for the discomfort of the passengers? Jet Airways? Pilot’s Guild? Bad working conditions? I say we should blame Mahatma Gandhi. Who else? During India’s freedom struggle, he taught us the mantra of non cooperation, strike and protests. Although he did it for a noble cause and gave it a name of Satyagraha. But now a days, whoever knows some thing about non cooperation goes on strike as per his whims and fancies. Look at Jet pilots. Is any body thinking about the thousands of troubled passengers? No one, I say.

One, Jet Airways is at fault for sacking two pilots for forming a union (National Aviators Guild). They shouldn’t have done that. Forming a union is legal in India, as long as it works for the benefit of the members and the employees.

Two, the Jet pilots are at a bigger fault for this shameless act of going on a mass sick leave. I know Jet management was wrong. But why do pilots need to form a union in the first place? Were they troubled or exploited? I heard pilots are paid heavily and very well taken care off. Was there a genuine problem? At least I have not come across in the news articles I read. Please, if some one can enlighten me.

Guys! Cut the crap and restore normalcy. The passengers are suffering.