Winter? What winter?

I heard some people talking in my society. They said winter has arrived. One of them was wearing a half sweater at 10am. I saw one guy putting on a jacket as well.

So inquisitively I went and checked the weather report. And, to my surprise, the temperature in Mumbai at that time of 26 degrees. Oh my god! I couldn’t believe it… was it THAT cold? Where is my Laddakhi blanket? And my snow suit? Oops! I don’t have that one.

But boy… IT IS COLD in Mumbai. 26 degrees IS COLD! Mind In! ūüôā

Mobile Number Portability

I wrote this post long ago on VoiCE blog. Re-posting here with some changes

India has been buzzing with the talks of mobile number portability. After much deliberation and a delay of almost a year, which is not unnatural here, the service has finally gone live. The new Telecom minister launched it as a pilot in Haryana in December before the pan India launch on January 20 2011. So what does it hold for us? Let us try and find out. Continue reading

Mehengayi Daayan

The above song is only for representation and not the theme of the post.

But this might be a time for us to celebrate the increase in the prices, for there is no other way to keep one cheerful against the spiralling inflation. I know it looks a bit stupid and foolish of me, believe me I’m not keen on acting like a moron for no reason. Unless we get over the shock of quadrupling prices, how else will we find a solution? So let us begin now, please play the above song and shake a leg (own) or two… and sing while I wait. Sakhi Saiyyaann… waah waah! Continue reading

Should Kasab be Hanged?

Frankly speaking, I dont want to answer this questions. Every time I hear that name, I remember the dreadful night when he killed so many innocent people in Mumbai. But every time I think of killing him instantaneously, I feel I should not do so.

Imparting a capital punishment is very easy. It only eases the passing of the culprit. Hanging Ajmal Kasab will make him a martyr. His name will be taken with respect by his brothers and mentors. They sent him to die as a ‘Shaheed’ any way.

I don’t think he should be hanged. What do you think?

26/11, Kasab, Congress, Terrorism…

All of the words in the title of this post are separate titles. Any one can write very long posts on each of them, Yours truly included. But I’m not going to do that. For once I’m hoping for peace on the eve of second anniversary of 26/11

Frankly speaking I have read and heard a lot about it. And there is nothing left to talk about it. 26/11 is still not forgotten, we all are still not fully secure, Kasab is still not hanged and on the contrary, enjoying royal treatment, Terrorism is still rampant and Congress is still in power in both state and center.

What do I say? God save mankind!

The Faceless Heroes

I’m on my way to Bhopal. In fact I’m writing this post when my fellow passengers are actually lining up to board the aircraft. But I saw some thing in the waiting lounge of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and I cant resist to post it here.

There is a caricature, sort of a mural on the far wall. From distance it looks like a face of a Man made up from pieces of tiles. But when you go close, they are actually the name tags (sort of identification plates) that army men wear on their uniforms. It is made of of the tags of those army men who laid their life fighting for the country (starting 1957 to 26th Nov 2008). The face they created is of Maj. Somnath Sharma, the first army officer to win Paramveer Chakra. It is surrounded by empty frames bearing the names of the same warriors.

There is a small note below it asking what are we proud of when these hundreds of men have sacrificed their lives for nothing. I’m not writing my opinion here. I leave it to me readers. Alright here is the last call. I have to go…

Addendum: Alright, I do have an opinion here. The mural foot note read that these brave men have laid their lives for nothing since no body recognises their sacrifice. The situation in India is still grim and, in a way, we are sitting on the bodies of these martyrs and joking. I disagree. Not every one who sacrifices his/her live is lucky to find a face for himself. It doesn’t mean that the one who goes unrecognised has been a martyr in vain. I fact every one living or dead, staying in India or abroad has¬†contributed, is contributing and will keep contributing for the motherland. Jai Hind!

Back to Public Transport

Yay! …and I’m happy about it.

Picture Courtesy: Flickr

The post I wrote about the car pooling received good response and reviews. People commented and also spoke to me about it. But despite that, I didn’t receive a single request or offer for Car pooling. So with all the tyrannical thoughts about obtrusive foot stepping fellow commuters and after vehemently denying my own call for going the ‘public’ way, I finally stepped on the road instead of driving on it.

I had a trial run two days back and it turned out to be great. It was a combination of MSRTC and BEST. Without denying the fact that MSRCT bus quality is still painstakingly pathetic, BEST has upgraded its fleet like any thing. MSRTC buses are like those old wary horse riding warriors. They are effective, they are fast, but they never give you the comfort feeling that you are safe in their arms. Anyway…

So coming back to Public transport, especially buses, I think every one of us should think about it. And for all you people living in Thane, especially on GB road and travelling to Andheri daily, BEST has launched a new bus from Bramhand Estate to SEEPZ via GB road, Dahisar Check Naka and WE highway. I know for sure there are many more desirable routes BEST has launched.

BOSS! You gotta give a chance to Public Transport. East or west BEST is best! Truly!

POW: Making of the Sea Link

I dont really remember when I captured this one and at what time. But this was taken from Dadar Chaupaty, when the Bandra-Worli sea link was still under construction. I have retouched the original photo. Kindly appreciate that I had taken this with my mobile camera ūüôā

Indians and Manners: Part II

Separate incidents-

  • I was on my way to office today morning and driving on the Ghod Bunder Road on the out skirts of Thane. I was about to overtake a bus when a¬†polythene bag full of vomit (yuks!) was hurled out of one of the windows of that bus. It landed barely few¬†feet¬†in front of my wind screen. You know what would have happened if I was driving a little faster. Whoever threw it¬†didn’t¬†even bother to see if any one else was coming from behind.¬†How’s that?
  • IBM, Oracle Financials, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, TCS, LRN and India Infoline. These are some of the companies, all top rated, who have their offices in the commercial premises where even I go for work. We have two common canteens in the complex situated side by side. One of them has a counter which sells¬†cigarettes, pan masalas, gutkhas etc. Whenever you pass through that area, you will always find the cigarette buds and empty sachets littered around. The poor attendants have to clean up the garbage every now and then. Now if employees belonging to such high profile companies do not know how to behave, who else will?

The primary reason why we are still called an underdeveloped country despite having what it takes to rule the world is the attitude we have towards our own country. We complain about the apathy of the Municipal corporations and unhygienic conditions with the same ferocity with which we stomp on the  cigarette bud thrown on the road.

When will we learn?

When will Indians Learn Manners?

Two separate incidents yesterday made me believe that it is not only difficult but near impossible to teach us Indians to apply basic common sense when it comes to manners and obeying rules.

Incident 1: My office has newly shifted to a big corporate park recently. Since the building is being finished, the employees are required to use the service doors for entry and exit. It is a spring door, meaning it retracts by itself (I dont know what it is called). The wing where my office is located also houses companies like Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, IBM, LRN, and the likes. So yesterday late evening when I was getting out of my office building, about 4 guys from IBM were walking about 10 feet in front of me. I had a laptop in one hand and my mobile in other. As we all approached the door, while on of these guys opened the door, I decided to check what it was it. And… BANG! The door got slammed on my face. Surprisingly, none of the four guys were courteous enough to look back, forget holding it for me.

Incident 2: On my way back to home, a guy oh his bike was driving almost at neck to neck pace with me on the highway, coincidently though. A¬†peculiar¬†thing was, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Now this is very unsafe considering speeds in excess of 70-80 kms per hour. After¬†passing¬†over 3 fly overs, he slowed down and wore the helmet tucked on the mirror while still driving. Reason? we were approaching the Check Naka where the traffic police are present. So he was actually afraid of the of the bribe or the Rs. 100 fine and not losing his life? strange.

Gosh… when will we learn?