Well Done Raj Saheb

Raj_ThackerayMaharashtra has witnessed exceptionally grand swearing in ceremony yesterday. We have had fire crackers that could beat the best of hooliganism from Bihar and UP. 4 MLAs from the coveted Maharashtra Navnirman Sena created ruckus in the house by stalling the swearing in procedure and actually beating Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi. Reason? He was taking an oath in India’s national language.

Who were they? Ramdas Kadam- he had been arrested earlier for disrupting the electoral procedures on the polling day. Shishir Shinde- The famous man who dug up the Brabourne stadium pitch as a Shiv Sainik before an India Pakistan match. Ramesh Wanjale- a former NCP guy who had nothing to do with the ‘Marathi Manoos’ agenda, but changed factions just for a ticket to contest. Vasant Gite- one who lead to the revolt against north Indians in Nasik.

Best… nothing like it. This is how a ‘troubled Marathi manoos’ will be thoroughly honoured. This is how all his problems will vanish. And Raj Thackeray has congratulated his men for doing so. Wonderful! Well done Raj saheb.

Yes we ought to respect the language. Yes we need to care about our people. But no… a complete NO to hooliganism and utter stupidity. Raj Saheb, I think the ideology needs to change. Please work for the betterment of a Marathi Manoos, not to bereave him from respect and harmony.