I understand that English language is an internationally accepted common language for communication. But some times I dont understand the extensive usage of the Gentleman’s language, especially at places where it is not required to be spoken. An incident happened with me today morning when I was waiting for the bus. I’m narrating a communication between me and a lady here.

Lady: (In English), Excuse me, has the bus no. 458 gone already?

Me: (In Marathi) Ajun tari geleli nahi. (Hasn’t gone yet)

Lady: For how long are you waiting here?

Me: Dahaa minitey zali. (About 10 minutes)

Lady: Do you know what time it goes every day?

Me: Mala mahiti nahi. Mi tya bus ne jat nahi. (I dont know. I dont go by that bus)

Lady: (Now in Marathi) Ho ka… mala Borivali la jayche ahe. Dusri kuthli bus jate ka? (Oh, I have to go to Borivali. Any other bus goes there?)

Me: Ho jate na! 700 ani 491 pan Borivali la jatat. Shivay MSRTC chya buses pan aahet. (Yeah, sure they go. Bus no. 700 and 491 also go to Borivali. Besides MSRTC buses are also there)

The conversation continued for couple of more lines on where she wanted to go in Borivali and where I was going. But that is not important. It took me just 3 lines to drive my point, and that too without saying it. From her look I could make out that she was a Marathi lady. So I started the conversation in Marathi. And I kept answering in Marathi till she gave up on English. I was smartly dressed (in formal attire) and had a laptop bag in my hand. May be that is why the conversation started in the international language. But we were standing on a bus stop in a remote location in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The default language of communication had to be Marathi or Hindi.

Why English?

A Comment on Mi (ani) Marathi

An angry Mr. Vijay Matkari commented on my post Mi (ani) Marathi probably because he thinks I’m demeaning the Marathi people. Here is what he has to say

tu marathi mansala durusta nako karus aadhi swatacha ‘holier than thou’ avtar band kar. what an idiotic post, once again. What do u think of urself? Dont make an ass of urself by such uncool posts. ur seriously an liability on Marathis. I mean look at ur attitude…who the hell are u!!give us a break.

I’m sorry Mr. Matkari but I dont understand. Where the hell you get that anger from? I know you will come back to my blog in search of what my reaction was. If you think I’m a liability on Marathis, please explain me what a true Marathi is and I’ll issue an apology plus delete my posts.

PS: For the non-marathi readers, the first two lines in the comment means dont you try to improve Marathi manoos first stop your ‘holier than thou’ avataar.

Mi (ani) Marathi

mi_marathiOn my last day at Hurix, some people had a startling revelation that I’m a Marathi. In fact I was surprised to know that many people thought I was a Gujrathi. One of them was quick to point out that none of my habits (including speech and command over Hindi) resembled a Mumbaikar Marathi. Well, I dug deep into it and here is how it was concluded.

Lot of Marathi Mumbaikars are absolutely loyal to the Thackeray family (may it be Balasaheb-Uddhav or Raj). However despite being a staunch supporter of BJP, I have always opposed their ideologies. So they immediately thought I was not from Maharashtra.

Being a Thackeray loyalist, a Mumbaikar has to compulsorily call every North Indian as ‘Bhaiyya’. I refused to do so, and when I did… it was out of brotherliness. So people thought even I was a North Indian Brahmin.

My Hindi is better than many of my North Indian friends, another reason for them to think I was one of them.

All my Marathi friends talked about salary hike, bonus, LTA claims and cursed the Marwaris and Gujjus for capturing the business circle whereas I always spoke about new business, the up and down going stocks, entrepreneurship. So they thought I was not one of them.

Duh! What the …  ! Mi Marathi ahe. Mala Marathi honyacha abhimaan ahe. Mazi bhasha, mag ti Marathi aso, Hindi aso ka English aso… ti uttam prakare durusta ahe. Prashna ha ahe ki samanya Marathi mansala kasa durusta karta yeil.