Anniversary Special: “The Junior”

Anniversary day special story

Any wait is always troublesome. And if it is for the arrival of the new born… it becomes excruciating!

They all had become extremely impatient since the start of the April month. It was after all the ninth month of her pregnancy. Her sister would jump with a ‘Chaley Kya?’ conclusion at every ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’ cry she let out. But the time was not there yet. They had been monitoring her pregnancy week by week. They had read in several websites and books about the likely hood of the delivery after 36 weeks of pregnancy. They all hoped she was one of the few cases. But junior had different ideas… and so did god! Continue reading

Inviting Guest Posts!

“maxmayur blog’s” second anniversary is a month away. This is the time of the year when I invite my readers and fellow bloggers to write guest posts on my blog. It was by invitation last year and Prateek, Pallavi and Prasad (kidakaka) were the ones who had obliged. Since the readership has increased from what it was a year back, I’m sending an open invite to every one wishes to write. Would you like to write? Just send me an email with the topic of your choice.

Guest posts will be published between 21st and 31st May. It will be accompanied by a short introduction and a link to your blog (if you have one). Check this post for a sample. –>

You have one full month to think and write some thing. Interested? I’m looking forward to it.  🙂

POW: Enlighten Me!

Location: Kelva Beach Resort. Time: Early morning, may be around 8am.

POW: Sunset from my Balcony

Location: The back side of my apartment in Thane. Time: Evening

POW: Mumma’s Boy

A baby elephant with his mother

Location: Jim Corbett National Park. Time: 8am

10 on TEN

Writing was never new to me. I have been ranting since I was 15. But I started blogging and putting my thoughts online only about 2 years ago. So when the ‘maxmayur’ blog came into existence in last May (inspired from the one and only Big K), I had silently wowed to inspire, provoke, coerce at least 10 of my readers or friends to express their views through blogs.

Today, that dream came true. I found my 10th reader who has started writing a blog and thanked me for inspiring him. I was actually over whelmed and flattered.

I know there are at least 100 others who I know can write. At least 10 others who are exceptional thinkers and good orators. Never the less, 10 is good and I’m looking forward to the next batch of 10.

Thank you guys!

House Warmed

I had taken a break from blogging and work for a few days recently. It was mainly to accommodate our House Warming function. I have recently bought a house in Thane… and I’m extremely happy with what I have got. Its a very nice apartment open on 3 sides, overlooking the Yeur hills at the back, facing the club house on the other side. Every one who came to be a part of the function was all awe-struck . They were happy for me and my wife for what we have acquired. In fact all the credit goes to her. She was the one who encouraged me to go for it… and she literally handpicked the house as well. 🙂

Anyway, the function was on 19th June and went very well. We entertained almost 40 guests who chose to be a part of the function. Lot of them are not based in Mumbai. However they decided to be a part of the function and overwhelmed us. Many of them were extremely happy to know that we bought a house before we reached our thirties, which was a trend in their days. There were some who envied us as well. But most of them were all nice. It always feels nice to have good relatives around you. Though you dont mind the occasional bad ones along with them as well.

Hmmm… so the house is finally warmed and I have a new address to tell to. Here I’m leaving you with a witty sentence to end this post.

“A big apartment in Thane- 45 lacs, Car- 4 lacs, money spent on house warming ceremony- 50 thousand… watching the shrewd relatives feeling dumb struck- priceless!”