Interviewing Me?


Image by visual.dichotomy via Flickr

Some one sent me an email asking if he can interview me and post it on his blog. Wow! I’m so excited. My interview is going to be published on a popular blog.


Would you like to say that sentence above? Well, now you have a chance. I’ve been reading lot of blogs lately and had been talking to lot of people. And talking to people fascinates me. So I have decided to logically extend it to my blog. I’d like to interview (un)common people like you and me and publish the interviews here. Let me tell you that they are not going to be run of the mill interviews with ‘tell me about yourself’ type of questions. There will be specific questions, some direct, some wacky, some weird, some controversial and some very very personal questions. The idea will be to invoke an emotion (reaction), mostly laughter.

So if you are a reader of this blog (and I know it), you are already eligible for the interview. There is every chance that I will shortly get in touch with you. But just to ensure that I dont, please put in a comment here so that I can prioritise your name.  🙂

… And if you are NOT a reader of this blog and have come here for the first time, no worries. Good things happen to people a bit late. So let us start with YOU first. Would you like to be the YOU?