Gaurav; The Geek!

Gaurav Bhorkar is my cousin brother. There is a significant different in our ages, which led me to believe that he is still small. But then I saw his contribution on CE, then I saw his blog, and then the programs he wrote… I guess I was a poor engineering student. Guys, here is the future! GB has all the potential to become a BG! You never know. 🙂

Being from the same family, we all know how much the technology has penetrated our households (by that I mean it has not penetrated at all). With so little information available, what made you decide on an engineering career? Continue reading

The Social Network!

I dont know if this is how Mark Zuckerberg managed to earn billions of dollors for himself. I dont know know if this is how the facebook revolution started. I dont know if the Mark Zuckerberg Jesse Eisenberg played in the movie ‘The Social Netwok’ is how the real Mark is. But I know one thing for sure. ‘The Social Network’, the movie is absolutely spell bounding.

David Fincher has created a masterpiece. I like the way the movie goes back and forth the two hearings of the lawsuits on Mark and the way the revolutionary network was started. It is fast, pacy and very encouraging. Some of the scenes will leave you speechless, especially the ones between Shaun Parker and Mark Zuckerberg over a beer and also the one when Eduardo and Mark argue over monetizing the site. It took me back in the memory lane. One person reading this post will know why. 🙂

Rating this movie will be a crime. Watch it even if you have some thing better to do.