What the @#$% Again!!!

Two incidents. Two frustrations. One post. What the @#$%!!!

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I wonder why people dont shift to public transport or do car pooling. I have been very vocal about it numerous times. But I have not been able to convince even my good friends, forget others. Duh!

This incident is from last Thursday. There was a huge traffic snarl at the Dindoshi junction on Western Express highway. I was in a bus, watching the idiotic car drivers honk furiously. One of them even rolled his window down and yelled at the auto rickshaw driver who apparently was blocking his way. At some distance ahead on the fly over I could see an ambulance stranded in the middle of the road with no where to go. Couple of guys were hopelessly trying to negotiate traffic so that the ambulance could be moved ahead.

What if your mother had just had a heart attack and was on board that ambulance? Or if it was your pregnant wife in her labour pains? Would you still drive your 8 feet long cars of the road? Or would you share it with three others who do not have their egos as inflated as yours?

When are you guys going to act, you idiots!

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I was travelling today morning from Thane to Borivali in an AC bus. On one of the stops, an elderly gentleman boarded the bus. The bus was already full and he was barely able to stand even with support. There are a couple of seats reserved for the elderly people. And a maggot with glares was occupying the seat without a hint of guilt. Looking at the plight of the old man, I vacated my seat and went to this guy. I said, “Are you really blind or are you only showing off?” Obviously he didn’t understand. I told him that he was occupying the seat meant for elderly people and that I had to vacate my seat because he didn’t even see that the old man was struggling to find feet in the moving bus.

Why are we oblivious to the basic facts and some manners? We have such mountainous egos and zero achievement to back them. No wonder why many westerners hate Indians. Most of us deserve to be hated.


Indians and Manners: Part II

Separate incidents-

  • I was on my way to office today morning and driving on the Ghod Bunder Road on the out skirts of Thane. I was about to overtake a bus when a polythene bag full of vomit (yuks!) was hurled out of one of the windows of that bus. It landed barely few feet in front of my wind screen. You know what would have happened if I was driving a little faster. Whoever threw it didn’t even bother to see if any one else was coming from behind. How’s that?
  • IBM, Oracle Financials, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, TCS, LRN and India Infoline. These are some of the companies, all top rated, who have their offices in the commercial premises where even I go for work. We have two common canteens in the complex situated side by side. One of them has a counter which sells cigarettes, pan masalas, gutkhas etc. Whenever you pass through that area, you will always find the cigarette buds and empty sachets littered around. The poor attendants have to clean up the garbage every now and then. Now if employees belonging to such high profile companies do not know how to behave, who else will?

The primary reason why we are still called an underdeveloped country despite having what it takes to rule the world is the attitude we have towards our own country. We complain about the apathy of the Municipal corporations and unhygienic conditions with the same ferocity with which we stomp on the  cigarette bud thrown on the road.

When will we learn?

When will Indians Learn Manners?

Two separate incidents yesterday made me believe that it is not only difficult but near impossible to teach us Indians to apply basic common sense when it comes to manners and obeying rules.

Incident 1: My office has newly shifted to a big corporate park recently. Since the building is being finished, the employees are required to use the service doors for entry and exit. It is a spring door, meaning it retracts by itself (I dont know what it is called). The wing where my office is located also houses companies like Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, IBM, LRN, and the likes. So yesterday late evening when I was getting out of my office building, about 4 guys from IBM were walking about 10 feet in front of me. I had a laptop in one hand and my mobile in other. As we all approached the door, while on of these guys opened the door, I decided to check what it was it. And… BANG! The door got slammed on my face. Surprisingly, none of the four guys were courteous enough to look back, forget holding it for me.

Incident 2: On my way back to home, a guy oh his bike was driving almost at neck to neck pace with me on the highway, coincidently though. A peculiar thing was, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Now this is very unsafe considering speeds in excess of 70-80 kms per hour. After passing over 3 fly overs, he slowed down and wore the helmet tucked on the mirror while still driving. Reason? we were approaching the Check Naka where the traffic police are present. So he was actually afraid of the of the bribe or the Rs. 100 fine and not losing his life? strange.

Gosh… when will we learn?