What is my contribution to India’s vision?

This post from Kaustubh’s blog has inspired me to write this post. He has taken a latent dig at ‘YOU’ meaning any one who reads that post. For once I’m not going to mind his straight forwardness (Lucky you Kau 🙂 ). It made me introspect my own contribution to India’s growth vision. Now I’m not going to brag about it with a long post. Just a few bullet points here.

  • I want to see an office less India. I personally believe that big office buildings are not imperative. At least for IT companies, all their employees can actually work from their living rooms or bed rooms by connecting the internet to their LCD television sets. With some small technology innovations, it is possible. I’m going to give it my best shot.
  • Biggest problem with Small Indian businesses is their inability to adapt to fast changing trends in technology. That is why probably we dont see too many big companies emerging out of the startups. The problem lies with the adaptation of accurate processes, especially in sales and marketing. (The other day an executive tried to sell jewelery to me on phone). I’m going to try and set up a company in partnership with a B school that will extensively work on helping new companies to go to the market better.
  • Lot of children in India are homeless and lack basic education facilities. I’d like to declare now that when I start making profits from my ventures, I will dedicate a portion from my individual earnings for the betterment of orphans. It really hurts to see the kids beg on the streets when some of them can certainly shape India’s future.
  • I decided long back not to break traffic rules and not to bribe any government official. I have also started asking receipts where ever I purchase, especially petrol pumps. I know lot of you guys dont do it. Believe me, this is one of the best things you can do to India.
  • I always call myself an Indian. I will continue doing so and will not bias any religion or community on the basis of their caste, color, state, religion or gender. I will try to prevent people from doing so as well. Being united is a BIG let up for us.

My wife says when you want to do good and big things in immediate or distant future, you should always make a list and pin it at your desk. It reminds you of the unfinished business. So here I have done it. There are some other things as well. I’ll keep adding them. I’m not going to ask what you are doing or will do. But if you wish to share, I’m all ears and eyes 🙂