Soon, We Will Rule The English Language

Oh well it looks like a very immature statement, is it not? But it is indeed a strong possibility. And this didn’t come to me just as a fluke.

I was in a client meeting with a ‘phorenar’ few days back. During the conversation, he made a point to be noted. He said the English speaking population in India exceeds many other countries whose first (primary) language is English. It was good for him because it gives all the more opportunities for companies to work with India. After coming back from the meeting, I did some internet search and found this out. Wiki says we had about 250 million English speaking population about few years back. 250 million! meaning more than 20% of our population could speak English. We were only second to the United States of America in terms on number of English speaking users. I’m sure the figure must be touching 300 million as on today.

What does this tell you?

With most number of English speaking population coming from our country, the world will now start speaking our language… the way we speak. Soon the Australians will not be able to complain about the way we speak. Soon a British will speak “Yaar… this is your mobile noe?” Or an American will say, “This prof is to ekdum pakaofying us. Somebody give him a missed call noe yaar…”