How to be a Great Sales Guy

In one of my recent interviews a guy asked me, “What are the qualities that make a person a great sales guy?” I said, “An eye to spot opportunities day and night, a tongue to speak about your product/service in a way the customer wants to hear and ‘an ear and a gut’ to digest the insults volleyed by the customer after the sale.” Difficult to understand? He didn’t understand it either. Still he complimented on my communication skills. Eventually the company found out that I was too expensive for them and the offer subsided.

Anyway, that is history now. But it has indeed inspired me to share the 5 best qualities to become a great sales guy. Of course, these are my views. You might disagree or want to add a sixth one. Please feel free to do so. Here we go…

  1. As I said, an eye for opportunity is very important. Lot of us feel that business arises when your prospects have a need or a pain area. While its true, most of the needs are actually created by companies and their astute marketing guys. (Think of these- mobile phones with camera, inflight entertainment)
  2. Be very hungry for more. A sales guy is never satisfied. His energies never get exhausted. The last thing a sales guy should do is to be complacent.
  3. Upgrade your knowledge. It is understood that you know every thing about what you are selling (if not, its a crime). But you are more than that. You are a friend, philosopher and guide for your customer. Tell him whats best for his business apart from what you already do for him.
  4. Always be happy to help. Customer is your god and you are answerable to him. No matter what, remain cheerful and truthful to him. Do not cheat him. You might close business once on a wrong note, but he wont come back again. Repeat business is the best business. You might need only one third effort to close business from an existing client than from a new client.
  5. Last but not the least, be very articulate. You cant possibly win business if you cant speak or write well. So speak out, it helps.

Best of Luck!