House Warmed

I had taken a break from blogging and work for a few days recently. It was mainly to accommodate our House Warming function. I have recently bought a house in Thane… and I’m extremely happy with what I have got. Its a very nice apartment open on 3 sides, overlooking the Yeur hills at the back, facing the club house on the other side. Every one who came to be a part of the function was all awe-struck . They were happy for me and my wife for what we have acquired. In fact all the credit goes to her. She was the one who encouraged me to go for it… and she literally handpicked the house as well. 🙂

Anyway, the function was on 19th June and went very well. We entertained almost 40 guests who chose to be a part of the function. Lot of them are not based in Mumbai. However they decided to be a part of the function and overwhelmed us. Many of them were extremely happy to know that we bought a house before we reached our thirties, which was a trend in their days. There were some who envied us as well. But most of them were all nice. It always feels nice to have good relatives around you. Though you dont mind the occasional bad ones along with them as well.

Hmmm… so the house is finally warmed and I have a new address to tell to. Here I’m leaving you with a witty sentence to end this post.

“A big apartment in Thane- 45 lacs, Car- 4 lacs, money spent on house warming ceremony- 50 thousand… watching the shrewd relatives feeling dumb struck- priceless!”