GPSM: Nostalgia

Anniversary week special guest post by Smita Mishra

It’s the time of the year again. Examinations, end of another semester, project vivas, report submissions. In short, it can be described as the most chaotic and hectic time of the year for any engineering student. And so it has been for me. But, amidst all this rush and bedlam, there is also a lingering thought on the back of my mind that this is it; the last semester of my engineering career. There won’t be any more rushing to early morning classes (which is 10 AM in my case :D), no more arguing with the mess staff about the rotten quality of food, no more active discussions with the management about conducting Fests in the college, no more running around to clear attendance shortage dues. This is it; the end of 4 years; the end of an era. Continue reading

GPSS: Three Kinds of People

Anniversary week Special Guest Post by Saandeep S

It seems a philosophical though but read on you may find it interesting as well.
As per me there are three kinds of people in the world.

  1. Dreamers
  2. Implementers
  3. Both Continue reading

GPSD: Some Thing from the School Days!

Anniversary week special guest post by Shilpa Deshpande

This is something that happened when I was in the 8th grade. I prided myself on being a very strong, fearless and forthright. I also liked to think of myself as a no-nonsense person.

Mine was a co-ed school and most my classmates were at the age where the opposite sex was a subject of supreme interest. Everyone had flings or were rumored to have flings with someone or the other in school. The normal ones were supposed ‘chakkars’ between peers. 8th graders with 8th graders. The really A-list ones were where girls from my class had boyfriends from higher classes. One such ‘chakkar’ was between this really pretty girl in my class(lets call her M) and this good looking, albeit on the rough side, 11th class boy(P). Continue reading

GPPW: I do

Anniversary week special love story (guest post) by Pallavi Walia

I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? …..Maya was typing away these words. After a point she realized the exercise was futile and just pulled her head down and hid it behind her hands.

“I love you hands Maya, they are the softest I have ever touched and kissed them lightly.” These words from Karthik were buzzing in her head when someone tapped on her shoulder. It was her colleague Neha who laughed looking at the computer screen and said, “Is this a new innovative method to sort out confusion in the head; punch in rather pluck petals”. Ignoring the question, an exasperated Maya just kicked aimlessly in the air and cried out why it is so difficult for me to utter the word Yes? Continue reading

GPGB: Friendship

Anniversary Special guest post by Gaurav Bhorkar.

There are some people who don’t forget to talk to you, who are always behind you, encouraging you, stand by you in difficult times. I think they are your true friends, than someone who gives you study notes, pay for hotel bills, etc. I am very fortunate to have such good friends. And there comes the vacation time, when you miss your lovely friends who are away in their village enjoying, but you feel good when you talk to them on phone. Your ears soothe when you hear their voice, talk good things with then, and enjoy the conversation. And you smile when you hang up. Continue reading

GPPV: A Max Toast

Anniversary week special guest post by Prateek Varma!

So it has been 2 years since Mayur shifted to WordPress. He started his innings in the blogging world on Blogspot in 2007, but didn’t take it seriously, until the creative bug bit him hard at WordPress and he has been at it since then. I was going through his earlier posts and I saw that no one has ever reviewed his blog. I know it will be puny of me to try and review a blog that has been around for quite a while and that gets as many hits a minute as the number of times I think about starting my studies in a day (I think about it a lot, so don’t scorn or sneer). Continue reading

Anniversary Week Prologue

On coming Friday, 28th May, my existence in the blogging world will complete 3 years. I had started with blogspot. But after dabbling with it occasionally for a year, I shifted to wordpress. Things have been great since then. Last year, I celebrated my first anniversary on wordpress by writing a candid introduction of myself in ‘Hindi’. This was followed by guest posts from Kidakaka, Prateek and Pallavi.

The readership has increased manifolds since then. In fact I’m looking at 98k+ hits on my blog already. This alsomeans that number of volunteers for guest posts has also increased. This year we will start with a review of ‘Maxmayur’s Blog’ written by Prateek and will be followed by guest posts from Pallavi, Gaurav, Sandeep, Shilpa, Durga, Sapna and one more post from Prateek. Besides this, I’ll write a very special love story and publish it on 28th, the anniversary day.

So watch out for some very interesting and cool stuff coming up. Look forward to participation from all of you. I also hope my readers help me to push the number of hits to 100,000 during the anniversary week itself.   🙂

Foot Note: Anniversary special guest posts will be tagged as GP(initials). For example, Prateek’s post will be tagged as GPPV: (post name) or Gaurav’s post will be tagged as GPGB: (post name). As a foot note I’ll add how I know them. Readers, if they wish, can introduce themselves in the comments section.

Main, Hindustani

Janmatithi Saptah Vishesh

Maxmayur blog ki aaj pehli warsha gath hai. To maine socha is mauke par kyun na kuchh aisa likha jaye jo pramanik bhi ho aur wastavik bhi. Par aisa to kuchh muze sujh nahi raha tha. Main phir se soch mein pad gaya. Aur isi soch soch mein ye socha ki kyun na bhasha par hi kuchh likha jaye… apni matrubhasha par. Marathi bhasha evam sabhyata ke swayam prachalit sanrakshak kahi is baat pe aakshhep na uthaye isliye pehle hi keh deta hu. Marathi meri utni hi matrubhasha hai jitni ki Hindi hai. Par mere pathakon ki vibhinnata ko dhyan me rakhte hue main Hindi mein likh raha hu, jo sab ko samajh aati hai. (Maaf kijiye, wordpress mein dev nagari lipi ka prabandh abhi tak kiya nahi gaya hai.)

Chaliye aage badhte hai. Main jaanta hu ki aapko padhne mein pareshani ho rahi hai. Magar main bhi vivash hu. Meri Hindi utni hi durust hai jitni English ya Marathi. Magar main ye jatane ki koshish nahi kar raha hu. Main bas aapko bhasha ka aur apne desh ka sanman yaad dilana chahata hu. Muze vishwaas hai shayad aapme se kayee yahi sochte hai ke isse kya farak padta hai. Shayad aapme se kuchh log shaadi shuda hai, aapke choote bachche hai aur usne aap English mein baat karte ho. Aur koi mere jaisa puchhe to aap unse kehte ho ki ye naya jamana hai. Aaj kal bachcho ko English sikhana jaroori hai. Main maanta hu ki kahi na kahi ye baat sahi hai. Par aap apni Bhartiya sabhyata ko daav par laga kar ‘Modern’ banne ki naam par aap badi kimat chuka rahe hai. Jara sochiye, kya  aap nahi chahate ki aapka bachcha apni dharm ka sanman kare? Muze yaad hai, jab main bada ho raha tha to maine TV par Ramayan, Mahabharat, Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales aur Jungle Book jaise karyakramo ka maja liya hai aur usse apne mann ko rijhaya hai. Magar aaj kal ke bachche MTV Roadies aur Nachh Baliye jaise karyakramo ka maja le rahe hai aur apne aap ki unke kirdaaron si tulna kar rahe hai. Ab ye aap ko sochna hai ki ye kitna sahi hai aur kitna galat.

Kuchh din pehle ki baat hai. Mera duur ka ek rishtedar mujhse Mumbai milne aaya tha. Use ek jaroori baat pe salah mashuhara karna tha. Wo pichhle kayee mahino se vidhesh jaane ki koshish mein laga hai. Use lagta hai ki yahan ki zindagi uske liye nahi hai. Waha mauj masti hai, aishoaaram hai, paisa hai aur wo sab kuchh hai jo wo chahata hai. Wo aisa sochne wala akela ladka nahi hai. Aaj kal ke yuva shayad yahi sochte hai, mere alawa. Ye apna apna vichar hai aur main ise galat nahi maanunga. Shayad inme se kuchh log aise hai jo desh ke bahar reh kar desh ke liye kaam karna chahate hai. Mujhe aise logon se koi aapatti nahi hai. Aur kyun rahe? bhai apni zindagi hai, jo jaise chahe bita sakta hai. Par phir koi muzse ye na kahe ki uska desh uske liye kuchh nahi kar raha. Aaj kya nahi hai humare desh mein? Har koi aaj humari shaktiyon ka praman de raha hai. Aur phir jara ye bhi to socho, 10 karod ki aabadi ko sambhalna aur 120 karod ki aabadi ko sambhalne me kuchh to antar hota hai na? Agar himmat hai kisi vidheshi mein to chala kar dikhaye saari suvidhayen.

Aaj America par aarthik samasya ke baadal mandara rahe hai to humare bhi pair dagmaga rahe hai. Lekin kahi na kahi humne apna paath padh liya hai. Ab ye saari duniya ne bhi maana hai ki hum kamjor nahi rahe. Humne duniya ko dikha diya hai ki humari aarthik vyavastha aur bhavishya ki pariyojna unse behtar hai. Hum aage badh rahe hai. Log dekh rahe hai. Yeh baat agar hum jaise yuva bhi samajh le to desh ki unnati ke liye isse se behtar aur kuchh nahi hai.

Agar meri baat kisi ko buri lagi ho to maaf kijiyega. Jai Hind!

Me, Myself and Mayur

Anniversary Week Special

I start the celebrations of the first anniversary of my blog today. As a gesture of obligation and courtesy, I have decided to let few of my regular reader visitors to pen down their thoughts. Having said that, I thought could I do more to mark the beginning of this day? So what better way than to let people know who they have been reading since last one year?



So am I addressing a routine question, “Tell me about yourself?” My full name, just in case you dont know, is Mayur Dhananjay Pathak. I’m a Marathi Brahmin. While I’m extremely proud to be both Marathi and Brahmin, I have been ranting about the fact that I’m more proud to be an Indian. Anyway, thats not the point here. I remember during my early days, I used to introduce myself as the king of birds, Peacock (also the meaning of my name). I’m as ostentatious as a Peacock, thats what I would tell the interviewers. But the real fact, which not many of you know, is that I was predominantly a shy kid. I hardly had any friends till almost my 8th or 9th grade. As an average student academically, I was self conscious and had a terrible inferiority complex. But suddenly it changed. May be on some day, in some month and in some year I had this revelation that I can indeed be a stage, or atleast a public personality. There was one small thing in me that made me change my perception about myself. It was my little sense of humor and the ability to mimic others. I’d enjoy making others laugh. The upsurge of confidence that got instilled in me during my early days has carried me through till date.

I’m born to artist parents. Both my mother and father are commercial and professional artists. My mother enjoys painting on mostly unconventional medium, such as pots, jute, cloth and at times on walls. Whereas my father has transformed himself as an interior decorator. One of his greatest works are the paintings on the biography of Dr. Hedgewar, inspired and painted just by reading a book, and being honoured at the hands of Shri L. K. Advaniji. Probably they too wanted me to be an artist. I obliged them by winning a national level drawing competition at the age of 8, but nothing there after. Soon I figured out that the creativity in me was not in my hands, literally. I enjoyed strategising Dad’s business and suggesting them ways to promote his services… as much as I enjoyed writing. But I must also admit one thing here. The inspiration to write did not come to me from within. In my sweet adolescence, while I was conceiving a play for my class, a friend suggested that I should take up writing as a regular activity. In a bid to impress, I merely obliged.

Though I’m not at all a successful or for that matter a better writer, let me tell you a secret of being a good author. There are only two things to be a good author. One you need to be exceedingly imaginative and two, you need to keep your reader glued and guessing. I have learnt this as a mimic artist. It is important to open your cards slowly and carefully. If you master it once, it gives you the confidence to apply it every where in life. I did just that when I came to Mumbai about little more than 4 years ago. Having lived out of my parents home for couple of years, I thought I was ready for the demanding a pacy life in this city of dreams. But within the initial days I found out that only dreaming wont do. Having waded through the floods on 26th July or from the bloodbath on the Borivali station on 11th July, the city has taught me to fight. Most people reject me today in job interviews because they say I’m supremely confident, arrogant and hence I cant be tamed. However they dont know that it was the confidence and will that has helped me to come out of the jaws of death. I came out of a life threatening experience 3 and half years ago with bruises and scratches. I could only do that because of the confidence and the instinct not only to survive but to excel.

Today when I look back at my life, I feel satisfied of coming this far. I have survived the bad ones with finesse and presided over the good ones with composure. I’m a budding entrepreneur. I’m married to a beautiful and lovely woman (I consider myself very luck though 🙂 ). And I have recently acquired a possession in Mumbai. I’m a happy man gunning for more. Thank you all of you!

PS: Look out for guest posts in the days to come 🙂