The Xtra Day Special

I was wondering for a long time, what to write about this extra day we get once every 4 years. My wondering went far to wonder what other people might be wondering to do on this wonderful ‘Xtra’ day. Then I thought we all wonder what other people are doing but never wonder what our government is up to. I went to a search engine and typed ‘Government Initiatives’ in India. With some flipping and scrolling and then trying combinations, I came across this->

Gujarat Solar electricity project

Translation of Marathi wordings: Ahmedabad- To generate more electricity, the Gujarat State Electricity Board has come up with a novel idea of literally putting up solar panels on a flowing canal. By putting up solar panels on the approximately 100 kms long canal, they have not only saved space, but also provided cover to the canal (thereby reducing evaporation in Summers).

I never thought government could be so innovative. This can only happen in Gujarat. Bravo!

Kya Surat hai! Kya Soorat hai, Harshad Bhai!

Image by Harshad Italiya himself

Harshad Bhai Italiya from Surat, this is how I identify this ingenious man. My introduction to Harshad was under very strange circumstances. One day, when I was busy in some mundane routine office work, I got a call from an unknown BSNL number. The person on the other side, speaking Hindi with a heavy Gujarati accent, introduced himself as ediamondsrt and thanked me for helping him. When I asked what I did, he told me that I wrote some thing on CE, which he apparently read and was impressed. He wanted me to organise a meet in Surat. I guess it was 2 years ago. Since then, Harshad has remained in my inner CE circle and I now consider him a good friend. Here I present you an innocent but a very innovative gujju, who I’m going to call Surat ka Soorma from now on!

Harshad, or should I call Madhav? I’m pretty sure your friends call you Surat ka soorma! What do you think? What is your public image?

Yes, Why not you can call me Madhav as my most of friends call me with this Name. Madhav name comes into my life when I was living in Hostel Madhav Gurukul at Vallabhvidhyanagar during my Diploma. Continue reading