GPOW: Rosa

GPOWs and POWs have been suffereing lately on my blog, thanks to my apathy and focus being diverted from a place to other. I’m trying to restart them again here with a picture from Ajay. I hope to keep this as a regular feature. Keep the pictures coming people!

POW: In The Hiding

Location: Whispering Woods Resort, Lonavana. Time: Around Noon. Although the month is October, the weather was fantastic.

GPOW: VCA Stadium, Jamtha Nagpur

Another great one from Ajay. I have already told you the location and you can guess the time. 🙂

GPOW: Prime Meridian

This one is from Prateek‘s father. Location is the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The time is around noon.

POW: Enlighten Me!

Location: Kelva Beach Resort. Time: Early morning, may be around 8am.

GPOW: Moon-Goose

Like the mongoose bat? This is a goose very nicely captured by Neelam. Place: some where in the Arabian sea I guess, near Alibag. Time: Should be afternoon?