Ghost of Tom Cruise

Another post, another review. And as eccentric as the new MI series movie Ghost Protocol.


Tom Cruise is old. So is Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar. But none of them are calling it quits… still waiting for that next elusive big innings. Which was the last ‘hit’ movie by Tom? How long ago? Anyway…

So that movie, Ghost Protocol is bollywoodish. I’m wondering who, if it was indeed made in India, would have been the lead actor. Possibly Salman Khan? Yes. Then he wouldn’t bother keeping his goggles in his breast pocket or care to use a pair super suction gloves to climb from 127th floor to 138th floor of Burj Dubai. It indeed has an element of Bollywood in it, a guy named Anil Kapoor with ‘I’m a stupid bollywood actor’ written all over his face in the brief sleazy role he grabbed. Okay sorry. I promise to talk about the movie now.

GP, as I said, is indeed a typical bollywood style flick. Ethan Hunt is thrust upon yet another impossible mission by his agency. Except that he now can not use his agency to make it successful. So he, along with his dare devil but zany team has to protect the world (err… America) from some guy with nuclear terrorism in his eyes. What unfolds are a series of events (mostly funny and foolish) starting from Kremlin (Russia) to Burj Al Arab (Dubai) to Mumbai (actually Bangalore) finally leading to Ethan Hunt saving the world (America again).

I will not say Ghost Protocol is the worst of all MI movies because I enjoyed watching it. But I must say that it certainly did not deserve the ‘MI’ title.