Have you read the novel ‘Yayati’? It is a Marathi novel written by V.S. Khandekar, also available in a translated version in other languages. If you haven’t, try reading it. It takes you on a brilliant journey of a ‘King’ who happened to exist before the Mahabharatas, encompassing the topics such as indulgence, addiction, betrayal, infidelity and selfishness very well. Why am I asking this? This is why-

I was searching some thing yesterday on the web. By mistake I entered a wrong url. It turned out to be a site for adult entertainment.  😛

Indulgence is difficult to control. So after some moments of visual satisfaction, I turned to the articles related to counselling and stuff like that. I bumped into an article with the same title, and to my surprise, I liked the article for content. I’m sure most of you must have visited such sites is your teens (or still do). So you know how difficult it is to keep your eyes fixed on the text and not look, rather ogle at what is on display. But this German guy managed to glue me to the ‘text’. He had actually analysed the addiction and what leads to us getting addicted. In his opinion, addiction is a triggered phenomenon. He was referring to a particular case of his patient who was addicted to sex. He said when many methods, including meditation couldn’t help him, he thought of trying to go to a root cause. He came to know that the addiction to sex was a result of the old time high school attitude of being a stud amongst girls. It was less of a desire, much less of a passion and more of a reason to prove the strength of your libido. It started there, and soon became a habit. Now whichever female the guy saw, he thought of sex and only sex. This is some thing similar to what Yayati went through.

Another point the doctor noticed was that he (and some of his other patients) also had a habit of smoking, drinking, drugs or even over eating, which they were finding difficult to control. He compared it with simple things such as drinking coffee. People did it because it gave them heightened pleasure. They enjoyed a coffee more than a glass of milk. Soon, the body became habitual. He called the over indulgence into one thing, leading to a bad decision and then addiction of the other. Same guy was also a coffee addict. He couldn’t control drinking coffee either, which considerably reduced his power to control other temptations. (Not the coffee, the ability to control).

You think indulgence can lead to addiction? Are you addicted already and struggling to get rid of it?