Good Morning Sir. I’m…


This is a notice to all those who call me or would like to call me. If your number is not saved on my mobile phone, please start your conversation with “hello Mayur?, Hi this is…” If you try speaking the way this post is titled, it is unlikely that you will receive a polite response. I don’t like answering scores of cold calls, being called sir and I will infer you are a scape goat of a multinational bank who hired you to increase my debt burden. Now my friend Kaustubh might say I’m a popular guy. However I’m deeply and truly sick of executives calling me everyday to sell credit cards, personal loans, club memberships, travel packages, apparels and what not. (tags represent a partial list)

If you want to sell me some thing, send me an email with colors and graphics added. Write in couple of sentences why should I be buying whatever you sell or make. I might listen and try to be polite then.

PS: Guys/Gals reading this post who are engaged in activities such as tele calling might feel hurt. But I can’t help. Tell your banks there are better ways to sell money and comment here so that I can offer help as well as a small sorry.

PPS: For troubled guys like me, you have my full sympathies.

I don’t need a loan, please don’t get personal!

“Hello Mr. Mayur Pathak Sir, good morning I’m Neetu calling from ICICI Bank personal loan department. Is it a good time to talk to you sir?”

“No… I mean, whats it regarding?”

“Well sir I see you have an account with ICICI Bank and also hold a Citibank Platinum card along with a Manhattan platinum card… On the same sir our bank is offering you a personal loan of..”

“Heck, how do you know all that? And where did you get my mobile number from?”

“Well sir, we have a database. Anyway sir, we can provide you a personal loan upto 7 lacs INR. Do you…”

“Not interested, and please…”

“Very well sir, can you give me a reference?”

“So that you can poach him?, no way. Thanks for calling, bye!”

So how many of you have received such calls and for how many times a week… or perhaps a day? Too many? I don’t know from where do these guys get our personal information. But one thing is for sure, all these ICICI, Barclay’s, Citi, GE Money and others have got an access to our personal information. Its very scary!

Can some body teach these banks how to market their personal loans? Getting personal with the client is surely not the way. I don’t need a loan, please don’t get personal!