POW: You Talkin to ME???


Location: My Office Desk when I was at Hurix, Time: Who cared :-p

PS: This is one of my favourites.

Ganesh Visarjan Today

Today was one of the days in my childhood life when I used to really feel bad that the most lovely god is going to be immersed in water. I always asked this question to my mother, “Ma why is it that the god needs to be immersed? He is so heavy, he would drown.” And he did every year. 20 years hence, I have understood the concepts and beliefs about the lifeless, fat but extremely attractive moortis. I have started believing in god and have changed a lot. But I still feel bad about the deity being immersed in water. What do I do? 😦

Its already approaching 6:30 and I must leave for home now. Because the ‘visarjan’ is starting very soon. Its going to be extremely crowded in the streets. Its actually sad that I’m more worried about reaching home on time. As a child we used to accompany our colony Ganesh procession to the lake and dance with the ‘sandal’. As I’m growing up, however, I’m missing that fun. More than 3 years in Mumbai and I haven’t visited Lalbagh. Hmmm… Wish I could scale back to those days, at least today 🙂

Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Warshi Lavkar Ya!