The joy of flying

Have you ever flown an air plane? Have you ever even sat in its cockpit? So do you know the joy of flying? Please tell me.

My journey to Nagpur was amazing this time. Yes, it was in an air plane. Not that it was for the first time. But it was truly marvelous. I took the Kingfisher flight from Mumbai in the afternoon of 23rd January. Thankfully I had a window seat. It was awesome watching the air plane speed away on the runway and they begin its climb. I just cant let go the thrill of watching the plane take off and rapidly leave the ground, making the 1 Billion plus populated Mumbai city looklike a small hoard of buildings. I wanted to rush to the pilot and request him to at least let me touch the console once. I wanted to experience the joy of flying.

On my way back, we left Nagpur when it was already beginning to get dark. However since we were travelling westwards, we managed to beat the sun once. Meaning there was a time when I could see the twilight at the horizon. It was a fine orange line. Gosh I’m not able to type. It is thrilling. Wow!

PS: I feel the same whenever I fly in an airplane. I’m always equally thrilled and one day I want to experience the joy of flying 🙂  Anyway, no doubt that Kingfisher Airlines is probably one of the best available in India today.