Eight Below

‘Eight Below’ is a movie I saw yesterday on Zee Studio. I’m writing a small review of this beautiful and very touching movie, made in 2006 by Frank Marshall with Paul Walker and Bruce Greenwood playing the lead roles.

Paul, a sledge dog trainer and Bruce, scientist  go on an expedition in Antarctica. They are rescued by a team of Paul’s 8 dogs through the challenging conditions. However when a blizzard strikes, they are forced to temporarily abandon their post and leave the dogs behind. They decide to come back and rescue the dogs later. However the mission gets abandoned midway and the team can not come back. The rest of the movie switches back and forth between the agony and helplessness of Paul for not being able to go back and rescue his dogs and the survival battle of the canines for 172 days against the most challenging climatic conditions in the Antarctic winter.

The movie has a great emotional quotient. It shows Paul Walker on one end, battling loneliness and hopelessly trying to gather funds so that he can go back to Antarctica to rescue his dogs. And the dogs themselves, struggling to find food in the extreme weather conditions. Yet staying together to help each other survive. Some of the moments are very touching, especially when one of them is lost behind, one more dies due to an accident and the one when they all battle a large seal for food. The last few scenes are especially very touching. When one more dog gets injured, when they catch birds and feed the injured one, when they meet their master. They had me in tears.

All you animal lovers, you must watch this one. It is a very very touching movie. My hands are still trembling while I’m writing this post. It made me remember my own dog Mickey’s survival when he was hit by a motor cycle.

I love you Mickey… and I still miss you.