How to define freedom?

I seriously want to know how do you define freedom. India’s 62nd independance day is just around the corner. We take all the pride in the world to celebrate it and boast the fact that we are free. But what do you exactly mean by free?

Is smoking on the road, spitting on the compound walls and cursing the Municipal corporation for not doing its duties called as freedom?

Is voting for the relatively less corrupt self proclaimed leader means freedom?

Is sweating it out day and night just to clear the GRE and flee to US for a better living called freedom?

Is outraging some body’s modesty in public called freedom?

Kicking out the so called outsiders from your city and being a falsified self proclaimed guardian of the culture called freedom?

Guys, if you are reading this… please do not just pass away. Take 2 minutes of your time in writing a comment. Please define freedom for me. I want to feel free.