Who says we are corrupt?

Magic "trouble" money

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… and another story of corruption in cricket has surfaced. Should we be worried or surprised? I think not!

Think of a situation. If I tell you that I was on my way to ‘so and so’ place. But I was delayed because I was stopped by a traffic cop. Or if I tell you that I had to go to the office of district magistrate or to the PF office to get my long standing hard earned money back stuck in the heap of files, your obvious question mostly likely to be is- Kitna Diya?

Pardon me for using the names of certain departments affiliated to the Indian government. I meant no disregard to any person in particular. But even if I spoke of any other department, it wouldn’t matter much because the sentiment (about corruption) is pretty much the same every where. Besides, I haven’t stayed or even visited any other country than India and also in India, I have stayed at very few places. So people from the ‘other’ places that I haven’t visited can safely assume that my comment is not about them.

Anyway, as a matter of fact, we have all grown up as corrupts. Our lives started with If you pass your exams with XX%, I will give you YY arguments. But every one knew they were all futile arguments because the kids who indeed passed with XX% were going to do so any way. And most of the kids who didnt, got the YY despite abysmal shows in exams. Thank fully, my parents, particularly father, never engaged me in the game of XX and YY. He probably knew I was not fit to gain the XX% and wouldn’t be lured into slogging hard even for a YYYYY reward. But more than that he knew instigating the unfair reward system inside children’s minds was wrong. After all, as school going kids, weren’t we expected to study?

What we learnt as children, the unfair reward system, we carried it through to our professional lives. No wonder every ‘babu’ expects a cut for passing a file, work he is supposed to be doing any way. And why blame babus? We have, with an intention good or bad, deliberately greased hands of some unwilling honests for personal gains. Remember the watchmen of girls hostels? the lab attendants? the juniors who carried your roses?

We have all grown up corrupts. We have seen our parents grow old corrupt, even though unwillingly. Though the money the country has lost due to corruption only in last 2-3 years would have been sufficient to eradicate poverty and free us of income tax, we have not learnt any thing from mistakes. Kasab is still alive. A Raja is out of the jail. Congress is still in power. Anna Hazare’s lokpal is still a dream. We are still bribing the traffic police.

Who says we are corrupt? This is how we live! Jai Hind!


Throw and they are called just stones… arrange and they become forts! Mightier than the might of the most!

Can we say the same thing about alphabets that make words? They know no language bar. They know no meaning. They know no boundaries. They know no atrocities. No crime. Nothing.

When I was a child, I learnt A for apple, B for ball and C for cow. But today, children are learning some thing else. A is for Adarsh, B is for blast, R is for rape, M is for money and D is for… well you know who. I wonder if the alphabet ‘C’ ever realized that C is for Care as much as for Corruption, will C be willing to be a part of that word? The answer is no… No to this new language of the world order!

Alphabets when arranged properly make words that make good sense.  Words when arranged properly make good stories, poetry, great articles of historical magnificence. Words when gathered and spoken or written correctly create knowledge, create wisdom, create cultures. But when arranged wrongly? they create scathing speeches, lewd remarks, threatening demands, warnings, corruptions and inharmonious living conditions. The same words, the same 26 letters but different significances.

We all are alphabets and our cultures and customs the words forming out of them. Arrange every thing in proper order called a society and they create peace. Jumble them and they create a difference, a corruption, a bribe, a killing, a menace, an uprising, a war, an end. Same people, same society, different mentalities and different end results.

Rose when you spell wrongly becomes Sore. Just the order matters.

Say no to corruption. Don’t bribe or accept bribe. Support righteousness and stay with it. Be polite with the fellow world men. Don’t spread hatred. Difference between a Ram, a Mohammad, a Peter and a Nanak is just the name. After all, they all have two eyes, two hands, two legs and one heart. Jai Hind!

This post is in response to a tag by Pallavi, Prateek and the original tag from Cyber Nag.

Addendum: For all those who support drive against corruption, please visit and register yourself at the website of ‘India against corruption.’ I hope this initiative spells the change.

Caught With a Cop!

I was booked by a traffic cop yesterday. It was my mistake and I was booked only for that. But what happened in the space of 10 min makes it an interesting thing to mention here. Here is what happened.

I was travelling with my wife late yesterday evening, going to the market. We were in the middle of some interesting conversation and by mistake I jumped a signal. Blame it on the road, which was not much crowded at 9pm. But I realised it immediately after I jumped and I went back to the stop line. I also missed a traffic cop standing on the foot path waving towards me. Obviously he had to walk some distance (read few steps) to come and reprimand me. I thought he would just do that and leave. But no. He decided to book me for the offence I saved myself from committing. Continue reading

Tamannaon ka Behkava

“Tamannaon ke behekave mein aksar aa hi jaate hai…
Kabhi hum chott khate hai, kabhi hum muskurate hai.”

For my English readers, the above line means “We often get disillusioned by our desires. Some times we get hurt while some times we laugh it away. These are the first two lines from a popular ‘Ghazal’ mesmerizingly sung by Chitra Singh. So often we get tempted by desires that we make mistakes we ought not to commit. Desire is a very dangerous word and I prefer to use and practice it sparingly in my life. There are three desires, which when not under control can ruin you beyond recognition. These are Sex, Power and Money. I’m no philosopher to tell you what they are and who do you control them. But I would like to narrate you my experience with desires on two separate occasions yesterday.

One: We were going to Dadar in my car (Remember, I stay in Mumbai). As we approached Sion circle, I broke a traffic rule for lane. Obviously the traffic cop stopped me and explained me why and where I was wrong. He asked if I wanted him to issue a ticket for a Rs. 300 fine. I was almost tempted to offer him a Rs. 50 note and fly away. But my conscience told me that I should get out and remind him of his duties. He got angry and threatened to apply some dirty clauses to rope me in. It finally ended when I paid the fine and told him I can complain in the anti corruption bureau. Most of other motorists, including the ones traveling with me were tempted to bribe him and get away. It is normal, but I was happy for my abnormal act. I managed to control two of the desires, preventing the cop to mis use his power and then narrowly conquering my greed to save some money by bribing him. May be it is a small incidence, but who knows when the world might change?

Two: It is not really related to the ‘Sex-Power-Money’ trio. This is more of a social desire where all of the three play role in making oneself believe that he/she has ‘arrived’ (god knows where). We were sitting at the doctor’s place where I saw a young (fairly) mother was talking to her daughter in English. Nothing surprising, except that her daughter must be around 5 years old. Their demeanour suggested that they were indeed local. Two things annoyed me the most, one was their language (which was poor) and second, the lady spoke fluent Marathi and Hindi alike. Why on earth then she choses not to speak in her mother tongue with her child? Are you trying to tell us you have enough money and power to get a so called ‘western’ and ‘modern’ life styles? My foot! Desires, nothing else… and really foolish desires. God bless such people.