C for Crazy, K for KK

I have known Kaustubh Katdare for 11 years now. I continued to know him since I met him because I liked him playing guitar and singing Kishore Kumar for us, we liked walking, eating bhel and mocking at people and because some where our thoughts were alike. In fact I was probably the first person to laugh at him when he joined a GRE class in Pune. Little did I know that I’d be interviewing him in the form of a budding entrepreneur. The_Big_K is the apt way to start the interview series. I hope you enjoy it.

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i. Your superblog has been a popular stupidity buster. How stupid do you think people thought it was? What kind of reactions you faced?

K: I started blogging because corporate world forced me to. I sincerely believed that my managers were insane. In corporate world any simple decision would mean : Decision to call for a meeting – Time wastage in getting the right conference room – Time wastage in asking the co-workers to vacate it so that we could get in no later than 10 minutes after our scheduled time – dialing remote team’s conference phones – waiting for them – reading out agenda – resolving disputes on agenda items – tackling everyone’s intelligence – finally arriving at a consensus defined by the manager – assigning ‘task’ items and documenting them all in the name of ‘process’. I needed a place to vent out my frustration and blog was my secret place to do it. I observed that the shabby looking, never smiling and always ‘busy looking’ coworkers were rated higher in appraisals and got better paychecks. Slowly, I started realizing that people exhibit stupidity almost everywhere in various forms and levels. Continue reading

Ask questions to Wolfram Alpha creator

Guys, here is a golden opportunity for you to ask questions to Dr. Stephen Wolfram, the creators of Wolfram Alpha! For those who dont know, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.

Dr. Wolfram has agreed to have a short conversation with Crazyengineers. Interested to have your queries answered? just click–> here!

Guest Post: Surviving a Party

Here is the first Guest post by a Delhi boy Prateek Varma aka Patty aka CEan raj87verma88. I know Patty for almost 2 years. He one of the most influential member of our forum Crazyengineers.com. Apart from being a bike freak and conceiving a robot (CE Bot), Patty is also a student of Mechanical Engineering. Enjoy!

Surviving A Party

All of you must have got the feeling of boredom at least once during a party. Sometimes not exactly boredom, but you wish you weren’t there, you feel lost and helpless. There is a big gathering of people, an uncle is shamelessly goring himself on some dish and making sure his shirt doesn’t stay hungry. Then there is the irritating aunt who spots you while you are trying to hide behind the “Golguppa” counter.

But you have to make sure that it seems you are enjoying. Because if you give even a slight hint that you are not, then the host/hostess presume that it may be something they said or did and one of them sticks with you like a leech for the rest of the party or sends a waiter trailing behind you, whose only purpose in life is to either bring you delicacies without you asking for any or ask you first and still bring a topped up plate even if you had declined the offer.

The old aunts are one of the most lethal. They ask questions that would put even the RAW’s interrogation team to shame. Each answer you give, will give birth to another question, and if you don’t, then too another question following by a sarcastic jibe coated with humour. This continues till they either find a new prey or you collapse. Some oldies I know had a strange habit of poking me in the rib cage during marriages and chuckling with a toothless grin, “You are the next in line”. They stopped after I started doing the same thing at funerals.

In every marriage or party there are a couple of people who are usually very quite, but give them a a few drinks and they will give you one the strangest dance performances ever. Their steps are either derived from animals eg Snake Dance, Constipated Monkey, decapitated eel, etc or from day to day activities eg Flying a Kite, Laying plates on a table, washing clothes etc.

With the variety of snacks being served, by the time, it is time, for the main courses, you are too full to even look at the food. Now this is a typical Catch-22 situation. If you don’t eat, you either offend the host and they will continue to feel bad about it and make it known to you via slight hints and jibes now and then till judgment day, and make you eat some against your will, or they think you are feeling shy and literally force something down your throat. If you say yes, and have some just to please the hosts, they will keep coming back to you and force feed you, as if your stomach is a bottomless pit.

Many times a strange person you don’t recognize, creeps up to you and starts a conversation. He says that you had met before, and acts like he is your best buddy. You smile and laugh throughout the conversation while wondering, “who the hell this guy is?”. After the party, you take the courage to ask someone and they give such a searching look as if wondering whether you are from this planet or not.

Sometimes while you are sitting at the table, the person to your right is busy in conversation with the person to his/her right, and the one on your left is talking to someone on his/her right. You have two options here, either start crying softly over your bad luck or start singing a solo while using the spoon and plate as drum and sticks. But here also do not let the hosts know you are disengaged or they would feel responsible to you and start an emergency conversation which you don’t want.

Make others believe that you are talking to someone. Make it seem as if you are looking towards someone and keep nodding you head or say “Yes”, “No”, make some expressions from time to time.

Another way to kill time is make some sculpture out of the food on your plate or try to balance your spoon on your nose. But make sure, it seems you are doing this for someone. From time to time look up and say something which shows your either making this for someone or teaching them some fine culinary trick.

The last resort could be, going the ‘child way’. Start acting like a 5 year old. Go down on all fours, sneak below the table and growl like a tiger to startle someone, or steal some sandals and mix them up, tie the shoelaces of the two shoes together etc. Do this until you get kicked out…………………………………… or………………………………………… just take your leave, walk out of the party, go home and sleep.

Crazy Engineers on UTVi

Our website Crazyengineers.com was profiled on UTVi. Here’s the video for you to look at 🙂


Are we heading for a recession?

I asked the same question on CE as well. Here is an extract of what I wrote.

Bear Sterns collapsed
Lehman Brothers files for Bankruptcy
Merrill Lynch sold
Bank of China reduces interest rates
Citi, HSBC, Barclays bank all posting losses in billions
World’s largest insurance company begging for bridge loan on $20billlon
Stock markets all over the world plummeting to record lows
Reserve Bank of India fighting to curb inflation
Companies laying off employees all over the place
Fluctuating oil prices

Whats happening to the world? Experts say the doomsday is very near. Are we headed for the greatest recession?

I’m feeling very sad to accept that world indeed might be heading for a recession. Although there are no confirmations yet. But the signs have started appearing. Some one like AIG asking for a bridge loan of $20billion or more is enough reason for me to believe that the bear has struck. Every speculator is obviously speaking his/her own language. But none as of now is ready to accept that the economy is indeed shaken, not just in the US but across the world. But the question here is, how long are we going to be dependent on the economy and growth of just one nation? No longer I think. This is the time for China and India to strike.

If you ask me are we heading for a recession? I would say no. At least not India.

Update: This picture really excited me. So I had to include it Take a snapshot preview.    🙂

CE meet in Mumbai Announced

HUrray! So I’m getting to host a CE meeting in Mumbai. Following is the announcement I made on CE that I’m copy pasting here.


Formal Announcement

CE Mumbai meet on 20th September 2008.

Venue: Cafe Coffee Day at Dadar (E)

Time: 1700 hrs (5:00pm) IST.

(1) Fun
(2) Fun and CE
(3) Having fun in growth and betterment of CE
(4) New initiatives and more fun
(5) Importance of Music and Coffee

Directions: The CCD at Dadar (E) is just 2 min away from Dadar Station/Terminus and Khodadad Circle. Exact address is given below

Cafe Coffee Day
“Dharam Putra” Building
Pritam Estates
Shop no-20-21,
Plot no.43, Ground Floor,
Dadar- E

How to get there:

  1. You can take a local train direct to Dadar if you are located on the central or western line. Just get out of the station on the East side and start walking away from the station (you will see Axis Bank on your right and Swaminarayan Temple on the left). People from harbour line can get down at Wadala/Kurla and take a taxi to Dadar station.
  2. BEST bus service in Mumbai is truly best and there are buses coming from virtually every location in Mumbai to Dadar. check Welcome to BEST Route network to know your route.
  3. If you decide to come by Taxi, tell him to drop you at Dadar Station and there ask for the above address.
  4. People coming from Pune by bus, all buses (private and government) halt exactly in front of the CCD. So no worries.
  5. People coming from else where, get down at Dadar station, come out in the east side and follow above directions.

All guys can send me an IM/mail for more details and also for contact details.

Look forward to meet you all and have more fun

Mayur Pathak, Chief Editor, Blog Me, Contact me,

Happy Birthday Mayur

27 years 6 hours and 8 minutes and 27 seconds, that is my age right not. Its amusing how fast the time has passed (see, another 10 seconds gone) and I’m left now to look and get amused 🙂

I’m enjoying the footage I’m getting… really. 🙂 First, some of my friends and family members wished me, as early as they could manage. My wife of course is already excited (more than me) for how are we going to celebrate. Then I had SMS wishes from others expected and some unexpected ones, like all my banks, credit card managers, Airtel, Maruti-Suzuki, Lifestyle etc. Even a small shop in Pune where I bought some Tees some time back sent an SMS. Wow… birthdays are good.

They put a mail to every one in office and declared its my birthday. It took me 15min to shake hands with all the visitors before I could switch my computer on. When I did, my gmail already had 10-15 other emails, from my own CE, Astrology.com, bookmyshow.com … many of them whom I don’t even remember to have visited.

Anyway, birthday is actually a good time to start (or at least make) a resolution. I wish good to always help me take right decisions through out my life. I wish he helps me achieve my goals (Read here)

Happy Birthday Mayur!