Stolen Credit pinches the hardest…

Mayur Pathak is not happy today. Mayur generated an opportunity for the company, Mayur did all the hard work, Mayur set up the sales call for his boss, and the boss gave it away to his senior colleague. That is why Mayur Pathak is not happt today 😦

We had a call today with a multi billion dollar subsidiary of France Telecom (Sorry I can’t mention because I’m still the employee of my employer). Although my skill was limited to introduction, I always believed I could talk better than my boss… only till today. The way he managed to pitch our solution to a company who didn’t even know they had a need was simply awe-inspiring. This was the best call he took for some time now. One of the greatest… I almost fell in love with him. But, then he is the boss right? He had to do this unthinkable (this is what I think). At the end of the conversation, he said I’m handing over the charge of this contract to MS. .. … … And Mayur Pathak was unhappy. I mean… what the hell? Why? Because she is a senior colleague. So?

Hmmm! Stolen credit pinches the hardest… I might have mentioned in one of my earlier post that I have a loving boss. Well, he is still loving but I don’t love him any more. Please don’t console me (sob)

Mayur Pathak is not happy!

Learning Table Tennis

I have been very emotionally trying to play table tennis for last few days. Although I have improved a lot, but for most of my colleagues, I’m a sub zero… still. Now my problem is, I just fail to be delicate on the shot and/or the ball. I still don’t know how to handle the spin. I can’t keep my smash on the table. I dont know what it means when the other guys say its your call now. Hmmm… may be I’m a novice. I should better play cricket.

Anyway, the greatest asset I have, as far as table tennis is concerned it the back hand return. Please… don’t roll your eyes too much. I know a lot of people prefer playing forehand. But I can’t do that, some how. And I can’t perfect the back hand either. Just that probably the way I hold my racket and move my hand, it puts a deadly spin on the ball and is very difficult for the opponent to return. Of course this is a rare shot, 😛 I need to collect the ball with my racket that is… which is rare. 🙂

Now I’m searching for some one who can teach me how to play table tennis. Hello… anyone reading?

One call @ night’s center

Role: You are a manager in a smallish but very unique and a positive company. You handle a team of 5 executives. You have a very cooperative and loving boss. 🙂 And you have a beautiful and extremely caring wife. 😉

Situation: One of them manages to fix a conference (sales) call for you. The call is in the pacific time at 12 noon. You are based in India, so its at the stroke of midnight.

Story: Since you have to prepare for the call, you decide to stay back in the office. But your wife is too worried, you haven’t had lunch. You haven’t had snacks. Coffee machine in your office is not working. So you, as a dedicated husband, go home for dinner. On the way it rains. You take time to reach, and more time to come back. You don’t get time to prepare for the call. Some how you manage to reach at the stroke of midnight. You are not able to log in to the call. You are late. The customer gets irritated. You take a deep breath and remember god. And give a flawless presentation over the phone. You answer all the queries. You manage to convince the customer. He agrees for off shoring his work. You are ecstatic. You dial your boss on his mobile, forgetting that he is in Singapore. Its 3:30am there. Surprisingly, he picks up. He listens patiently and… He is ecstatic too.

Climax: You managed to close a deal worth (hold your breath) $3 million just on a phone call. You are happy. The company lives happily forever.

Hey… 🙂 All I wrote is not a story from a movie or an idea to Chetan Bhagat to write a new book. This is what happened with me yesterday. I just narrated you a part of my Biography 2050.

Any comments?