What kind of boss will YOU be?

In last 6 years of my life, I have always disliked all my bosses, no matter what. With an exception of one, all of them were great guys. But none of these could get to a ‘good boss’ level. In my last employment, even I had a team reporting to me. At one point I lead a team of 9 executive! While most of them are still in touch and no one ever complained to me, I dont know what they felt about me as a boss.

Every boss is different and probably equally idiotic. So that leads to a question. What kind of boss do you think you will be? I’d like to know please. If you already are a boss, tell me how you are. If you want to be a boss, tell me how you would like to be. I’m going to base an upcoming story on this one.

So I’m all ears. Tell me?

What a Boss Hole!

Boss hole is an analogue to you know what. 🙂

Some times I wonder for once, at least once if I get to show my current and former bosses what a bunch of idiots they were. I swear I would do that… and not be polite at all. There have been times, in fact many times when I just wanted to utter ‘You muffin head, do you understand what you are doing or talking?’ But I couldn’t. Not because I feared losing a job. Because I didn’t find it appropriate. And I have spanked myself many times for ‘not finding it appropriate’. Continue reading

Think over it

“What good goes away from you always finds its way to come back to you… if not in the form that you most expected.”

I have had a bad day today. I couldn’t think of a better way to express my displeasure. May you all get a better boss!

Ponder Thunder

Have you ever wondered on any of these things?

  • We are a country divided by race, ethnicity, religions and united by the cricket team of India.
  • Some of the most popular television advertisements are always made by the brand that is number two or three in India. Example Vodafone, Motorola, Surf, Boost, Pepsi.
  • Also, we remember all of these ads but hardly any of these products. Even have actually not influenced our decision to buy.
  • Best place to rant is your diary, your blog and your mobile phone… and best place to vent your frustration out is a football field or the kitchen.
  • Your mobile phone will essentially vibrate every time you are in the middle of an interview or with your boss discussing on some thing important. Interestingly, it will be in your lower or back pocket… making the matter worse.
  • What maketh a man these days is fat pay package, sexy mobile and great contacts… no longer his manhood.
  • Why does, “Hey… good news!” always means someone’s getting married or becoming a parent? Aren’t other news good?
  • (Latest) The extension rings and your boss calls exactly the moment you return from the coffee machine with a hot cup. He eats your time directly proportional to the amount heat lost by the coffee.

Cost cutting Measures

A friend sent me the following cartoon over an email yesterday. I just couldn’t avoid putting it here, as I couldn’t avoid laughing it as well. All you guys who are facing salary cuts, appraisal misses or lay offs, woould you not like to suggest this?


Executive Toilets?

I went to a client visit at a fairly well known company today. I had a strange yet very common observation. It is about toilets. Here is what heppened-

I had to meet a CxO level person. Naturally he made me wait for quite some time. I was asked to sit in an ice cold conference room. That triggered my potency to a nature’s call. Obviously once the meeting was over, I asked the house keeping staff to direct me to the wash rooms. To my surprise, there were 4 different wash rooms. One for the ladies (understandably), one for the male staff, one for visitors (unisex) and one for executives. Executives? Yes. I was told that the bosses dont like to ‘pee’ standing shoulder to shoulder with the staff.

Hmmm… may be the VPs and CEOs follow a different posture.   😀