Why do YOU need a Blackberry phone?

I don’t understand the fascination behind the blackberry phones, or for that matter smart phones. My wife had been behind me to buy one since more than a year now. Earlier I had a Motorola, which sufficed all my requirements. It had all the features a blackberry had, in fact even more. When I retired that phone, I bought a Samsung Corby. Even that is a good phone.

Few weeks back, my wife said she wanted to buy a blackberry. She already has a Nokia phone costlier than some of the blackberry models. I told her that her profile did not demand responding to emails on the move. Moreover the office was not offering her the services. So she had no use of the blackberry device. To which she replied that every one had a blackberry in the office. I asked her how many of the had actually configured emails and were using the costly ‘on the move’ services, she didn’t know. Probably even the guys using the phones didn’t know it.

That is not all. Some of my colleagues use smart phones, not all from blackberry, just to boast it. Most of them don’t use the blackberry services. Very few of them have subscribed for GPRS. Then why the hell do they need a blackberry?

Man! I dont understand this idiotic fascination. The new Vodafone ad promoting the blackberry phones to non business users is absolutely spot on. The business guys are shown surprised at looking the youngsters and the non important people using the smart phone. Spot On!