Dilwalon ka sheher

I was a part of a debate in my office yesterday regarding life in various cities, migrants, quality of life and lifestyle et all. There were people advocating various locations and why bigger cities like Mumbai or Delhi are bad. To be fair, I have divided loyalties when it comes to the city I love.

Mumbai is where I am right now. I’ve been living here for almost 4 years and must say that I have spent some better days of my life here, if not best. I came here as a migrant to this city 4 years ago. Chance coupled by a desire to be here and career growth brought me to this city. When you land here as a new bee, the city gives you a characteristic choking feeling and uncharacteristic independence of thoughts at the same time. I was awed by the high life, the glamour and the glitz around as much as I was rued by my chances of getting up there quickly enough. None the less, in last 4 years, the city has given me all it could… and there is plenty more to come. It gave me my jobs, it gave me real close friends, money, and what not. It also almost gave me death and at the same time it gave me my life back. Every day, Mumbai throws a new challenge on my face. Everyday I look in the eyes of it and say, “This is all you could conjure today?” Probably one of the reasons why I may not leave Mumbai, not to soon!

I was born, brought up and educated in Nagpur, a mid sized city in the heart of India. It is more popular for its oranges and as one of the regular test cricket venues. In fact, lot of people who have not known Nagpur still think its a small town. I beg your pardon, the town has a population of almost 30 lacs. I was educated till graduation here, however for better career prospects as well as higher education, I had to move to Pune. The has come a long way since I left it almost 6 years back. It has its own share of multiplexes, malls and every thing (well almost) that a large city should have. On any day, given a chance, I would love to go back and do some thing from Nagpur. I know most of us are patriotic about our home city. But believe me, there is a strange charm about the city that keeps pulling you to it over and over again. (I hope my wife’s reading this 🙂  ) delhi

Dilli (Delhi), dilwalon ka sheher! This is another city I admire. I have been to Dilli many times, mostly for my father’s business commitments. Then later for my friends, my own business commitments and finally on route to my honeymoon. Every time I went, every time I liked it. In fact, I found people from Dilli more welcoming than the guys from Mumbai (Need Example? Raj Thackeray). Its large, its developed, it has its weather extremes and it is really amazing. I haven’t stayed there for long. But I would love to. I know about all the issues regarding safety in Dilli. Yeah, it is a concern. It is still not upto the mark. Still I like it. Hope I get a chance to stay in Dilli, even for a short while.

Hmmm, what does this look like? Tale of three cities? Stupid post may be.