Back to Public Transport

Yay! …and I’m happy about it.

Picture Courtesy: Flickr

The post I wrote about the car pooling received good response and reviews. People commented and also spoke to me about it. But despite that, I didn’t receive a single request or offer for Car pooling. So with all the tyrannical thoughts about obtrusive foot stepping fellow commuters and after vehemently denying my own call for going the ‘public’ way, I finally stepped on the road instead of driving on it.

I had a trial run two days back and it turned out to be great. It was a combination of MSRTC and BEST. Without denying the fact that MSRCT bus quality is still painstakingly pathetic, BEST has upgraded its fleet like any thing. MSRTC buses are like those old wary horse riding warriors. They are effective, they are fast, but they never give you the comfort feeling that you are safe in their arms. Anyway…

So coming back to Public transport, especially buses, I think every one of us should think about it. And for all you people living in Thane, especially on GB road and travelling to Andheri daily, BEST has launched a new bus from Bramhand Estate to SEEPZ via GB road, Dahisar Check Naka and WE highway. I know for sure there are many more desirable routes BEST has launched.

BOSS! You gotta give a chance to Public Transport. East or west BEST is best! Truly!