A Case of Political Restraint

The Ayodhya verdict was out yesterday amidst lot of media fan fare and fear in the minds of people. Almost every thing ran half day yesterday, schools, colleges, offices… even restaurants. I was surprised when men at Pizza hut told us that they were closing at 4pm. C’mon now! I mean all these years, did Ayodhya verdict matter to you? They say the case took 60 years. So if you are 60 today, were you actually waiting for your life time to enjoy a half day on the day of the verdict? I wonder…

Evidence are said to be available about a possible 10 century temple’s existence underneath the structure of Babri Mosque. But no body knows and it is not even written clearly in the history books. Moreover as per our vedas, Bhagwan Ram existed in the the Treta Yuga. Then came the Dvapara Yuga where the Mahabharata is supposed to have happened. And then came the Kali Yuga in which we are living. And we also believe that there is a Pralaya at the end of each yuga and then the new civilization comes to fore. If we are to believe our own teachings, I think the likelihood of finding a temple or any other structure which signifies a birthplace of Shri Ram is a bit unrealistic. I’m not debating any fact or disrespecting any thing. The structure Archaeological Survey of India found was indeed a 10th century temple. So some one must have built one there with faith that this was the exact place where Shri Ram was born. Mir Baqi, a representative of Babar must have demolished it and built a mosque. Fights between Hindu and Muslims have been erupting since then, with concrete evidence of the British intervening and later taking advantage of it during the 1857 uprising.

Anyway, finally it is settled and equally divided. I don’t know how does it help us. But if it helps to bring peace to the country (and lets me enjoy a half day), I welcome it. Now it is behind me. Rajni is in theatres today, Robot is released. I’m also looking forward to watching Khichadi. What else?

Best Way to Solve Ayodhya Problem!

Here is the best way! 😀

Cartoon by Lahri

I’m sorry I could not give credit to the original cartoonist or the original poster as I received it on an email and it had no back link.