Aim as a Moving Target

How many of you have a clear and defined aims, or goals you may call it? Mostly every one of us have at least 1 present aims and we often rehearse that I want to achieve ‘this’ before ‘this’ date. I’m calling it as a present aim because in my opinion aim is a moving target.

In my early professional days, I used to hate the question, ‘Where do you see yourself 2/5 years from now?’ But I understood the meaning and importance of the question very late. After you matured, you may have maintained a wish list that I want to become ‘some one’ by ‘this’ time. But when the defined ‘this’ time gets over, most of us do not achieve the ‘some one’ tag. Mostly it happens because we change the definition of ‘some one’ midway through the completion of ‘this’ time. For instance, as a 5-6 year old, I was fascinated by buses and wanted to become a bus driver. By 12 I wanted to become an athlete, then a doctor, then architect. But finally ended up becoming an Engineer, then a Manager and started working in the ‘nth’ IT company in India. So does this hypothesis lead me to a conclusion that if we have a concrete long term aim, we often lose interest in pursuing it?  Probably yes.

Then why not break the one aim into a million small ones? If we have short well defined aims, there is a chance that we will achieve them and possibly succeed. Plus you can make the aims more realistic and achievable. Examples are good. So I’m going to give you another one. Suppose your wife caught you talking to some one she thinks is your ex girlfriend, you have a problem in your hand. So your immediate aim is to prove your innocence and convince her that you are not a philandering person. Even if you aren’t, you can at least try to become a decent guy.

Well, I know the example is unrelated. But the point is well taken. Breaking your strategic and very important life’s objectives into small achievable and less dangerous targets sure does help. Try it once. Even if you fail, there is always another life to live, right?

PS: I told you, I’m out of touch!