Dostana Sucks! It really does!

Aint no body like my Desi Girl.

Right! Because there aint no body like Priyanka Chopra, the only highlight of this otherwise reckless, pointless and vehemently vulgar movie. We aint no American Pie and this aint no Miami. This is Mumbai and we love our guys and gals the way they are.

dostanaTarun Mansukhani and Karan Johar’s Dostana takes a dig at the gay and same sex couples in US. The movie is a portrayal of two fool hardy young folks (Abhishek as Sam and John as Kunal) fighting to rent an apartment in Miami. They pretend to be a gay couple so that they can share an apartment with the sultry svelte Neha (niece of the owner) played by Priyanka). The film moves into a series of ill palpable jokes bound by an extremely loose script and very hazy story line. Our folks obviously fall for the girl in between, yet struggling to tell her for the fear of being kicked out of the apartment. Enter Abhimanyu Singh (Bobby Deol) as Neha’s boss and later the love of her life. What follows is even more sickening when these guys bring heaven and hell together to woo their girl back.

Dostana must have originally conceived to literally rip the funny bone, forget tickling. But it looses much of its plot with limited or no comic punches. Moreover there is too much flesh on display without making it sensual. Its actually sickening. Tarun probably saw too much of ‘Full Monty’ like movies and wanted to replicate them. But he’s got it all wrong. Absence of a good script adds to the wows. Some of the scenes have been very badly written. Especially John’s griha pravesh and then the absolute stupidity towards the end. Don’t play with our emotions Tarun, we have had enough. And you Mr. errr Whatever Karan Johar… uff! Forget it.

Amongst the positives, Priyanka probably is the only highlight. She’s looked sexy, she is likable and very pleasant to the eyes. Its so much contrasting to her ‘Meghna Mathur’ figure in ‘Fashion’. Priyanka’s come a long way. Abahy Deol is okay, Boman Irani and Kiron Kher in cameos are totally wasted. John has managed to show off everything (almost) expect going completely nude. Abhishek is a brilliant actor, but he is handicapped by a malnourished script. Background score and music is good but generic. Desi Girl is topping the charts and Jaane kyun is also good. Rest is forgettable.

All in all, I wouldn’t give it more than a 2 out of 5 that too purely for Priyanka and the songs. Otherwise Dostana Sucks!

An Idea is changing lives

I have been watching the new Idea cellular campaign with Abhishek Bachchan in lead for quite a few days now. I must say that they are really good. Idea’s focus on masses and taking up the issue of educating children has been very well received. Believe me, some times I look forward to the ad break so that I could see what new ad is making its way to our television sets. The advertisers have very intelligently portrayed the outreach of Idea network in the rural areas while highlighting the best possible social use of the speaker phone in a mobile. Not only they are reaching out to customers in the rural areas, they are effectively highlighting the problem of education in the rural areas. And boy, they do have an innovative solution.

Even in the past they ran an ad campaign opposing racism and caste differences that was well taken too. Hats off to the creative guys who have designed these ads. Hats off to Idea too for taking up social issues and boldly bringing them ahead. Whether its getting them new customers or not is a different issue (at least I have not yet migrated), it is surely winning them praises all over.

PS: I’m not advertising Idea Cellular or its services. If I have unknowingly done it, Idea guys, you owe me some fee 🙂

Sarkar Raj Review

“There is a thin line difference between loyalty of years and treachery.”
“To kill some one is murder… to kill some one at the right time is RAAJNEETI.”

Couldn’t resist picking up some dialogues from the new movie, Sarkar Raj. So I’m back to movie reviews again. I saw this movie few days back and have been thinking about writing some thing about it. Sarkar Raj is a sequel to the earlier movie Sarkar, made by Ram Gopal Verma. With series of big flops and small disappointments, RGV come back to what he does best, portrayal of the malign side of politics and underworld. Although Sarkar Raj is not exactly a political film, nor is it a film based on underworld nor it is an action film. Its a mix of all of them.

The movie begins with Sarkar’s (Subhash Nagre a.k.a. Amitabh Bachhan) birthday celebrations at the Nagre household amidst all the fanfare and usual meetings at the Sarkar office, held by Shankar Nagre (played by Abhishek) . (Reminds me of the Godfather I, RGV has tried hard to emulate, or better the shades of intensity and darkness.) So between all these visitors, they have a Lady CEO of a Shepperd power plant, Anita Ranjan (Played by Aishwarya) visiting them with a new proposal of setting up a plant at Thakerwadi (Nagre’s Abode). With initial rejections and objections from Sarkar camp, they agree and decide to visit the place in order to convince the 40000 people dwelling in Thakerwadi of the benefits of the plant. But this also will mean their relocation and rehabilitation. This gives rise to bitter mud slinging political movement across Maharashtra and emergence of Sanjay Somji, a new leader of the common man. The movie manages to rivet you between Shankar and Anita’s struggle for state’s betterment through their dream power plant project and Somji’s quest for political power. The political opportunist and businessmen are let loose to twitch already uneasy Sarkar camp in a bid to obliterate Shankar and his claim to fame. A bomb blows Shankar’s 2 months pregnant wife away right at their heart and Shankar falters in a blink and you miss situation. This leads to the old faithful Chander, defecting.

The Sarkar camp loses too much in the fierce battle more for survival than for supremacy. But in the end all that begins well also ends well, although not that much. The movie is more to do with the new ideologies being forced in the old way of running a family business, or whatever they call it. It features exceptional performances from Amitabh Bachhan, Govind Namdeo (as Hasan Kazi), Upendra Limaye (as Kantilal Vora) and Dilip Prabhawalkar in a short but important role of ‘Ravji.’ Aishwarya has come off as a big surprise for me too. Abhishek however is shade behind the lines. He lacks the convictions he showed in Yuva (by far his best performance till date) or Guru. Overall no one from the cast and crew disappoints. Backed by excellent back ground score and stupendous cinematography, Sarkar Raj comes out as a dark, tragic but a sterling power packed movie.

I would recommend “should watch” and give 4 stars! ****