Help me decide a new year resolution

I have been contemplating on many things lately. One of them is deciding a new year resolutions. I have decided the first one. It is–> Whatever new year resolutions I decide, I will diligently follow them  🙂

Yeah! Thats the problem. I have been a good decision maker. However I’m not a good implementer. Every new year I make resolutions and almost all of them die a slow death within a month or two. But this time I have decided. I’m not going to make heavy resolutions. Why take risk of non performance?

So… I have problems in plenty. People have started calling me fat. I’ve lately become really bad at managing money. Its been almost a year and I’m still searching for a good job. I dont have a house of my own and I’m not able to save enough to buy one. I have entrepreneurship dreams but new ideas have dried up.

Hmmm… so tell me, what should I do this new year?