Four Zero Zero Zero

While I went home yesterday night, my blog broke another record. It received its 4000th hit. Its cool considering I completed 2000 posts less than a month ago. Check this post dated 28th August. In about 26 days, it doubled the visitors, averaging about 77 visitors per day. Whoa!

Thanks guys. And please let me assume I’m being liked 🙂


Its the number of visitors my blog has clocked since I started blurting out my thoughts about 3 months ago. I wrote a post 1000+ hits on 6th August. Today is 28th and I have managed to double the visitors in 22 days. Although it doesn’t really bother me as I’m not writing because I want my blog to be popular. Neither I have a mission or a vision. I don’t think my blog needs that. I just write what I feel like and what I want to tell those who like to listen (rather read) me.

Having said that, it feels nice to know my writing is being appreciated. Thanks! 🙂