Sachiiiiiin Sachin!

Image courtesy- BBC

Apna Tendlya has done it again. He conquered the mammoth figure. He did it, yes he did. I just dont believe it. So many times he came close to it. Few times other good players came close to it as well. But finally he did it. He scored the double hundred in a one day match!!! 200 not out.

Sachiiiiiin Sachin!

Such is the familiarity of that chant whenever he comes out to bat. Such is his stature that who’s who have bowed in front of him. Such is the magnanimity of the occasion whenever he is batting, whether winning a match or trying to save a match. Such is the aura behind the man who leads almost every possible record in international competitive cricket. Such is Sachin Tendulkar.

Jahapanah, tussi great ho! I salute you. A million congratulations!