About Mayur


For a better written introduction, head here –> Me, Myself & Mayur

  • Age? Do you want to really know? What for? I’m young!
  • Height, 165cm. Can be conveniently classified as short.
  • Qualification, well a civil engineer who knows nothing about buildings, except their shape and a Masters in marketing who knows nothing about Sales. This is no joke, I’m serious. That is why I also own a consulting firm http://www.consultmax.net.
  • Passionate about Cricket, Football, BMW and business. Read in the reverse order.
  • Strongly believes in the quote, “Maut wo hai jiska jamana kare afsos. Yun to sabhi yaha aate hai… marne ke liye” Meaning: Death is when the world will mourn. Every one lives to die one day… anyway. So believes that it is imperative to make big in life.
  • Also believes in “who says you can’t pierce the sky? Try tossing a stone with all you have got!”
  • Full of ideas, most of them useless. BUt some of them kick your ass!!!
  • Talks too much, think too much but write very bad. You might have found out in some of the posts.
  • Ingenuous, was almost thrown out of the first job. But was ingenious as well, got my boss on toes instead.
  • Married… No more comments.

Happy reading.

What do I want to achieve in life?

  • Own the most successful sales consulting firm in the world
  • Buy a BMW 525i (or 530i) as soon as possible
  • Go on a world tour
  • Drive down the mountains from Ladakh to Mount Everest on a Honda VTX 1800 or Yamaha V-star 1300
  • Feature on and write for the best of magazines in the world.
  • Produce and direct 4 movies.
  • Own an estate with real size artificial hill and water fall inside.
  • Convert offices into a virtual world.

21 thoughts on “About Mayur

  1. hey Mayur read few of your blogs ..
    Love stories awesome ..BTW change about you information… now you are CE -Mod rite?

    BTW iam ES on CE.

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