Open Letter to Sourav Ganguly

Dear Dada,

Kemon Ache?

Let me introduce myself as your staunch supporter and an ardent cricket fan. This letter in in response to your interview, which was published in the leading newspapers and online media yesterday. You looked distraught and visibly sad by the recent IPL snub. So I’m making my little small attempt to instill some confidence in you by saying don’t worry, we are all there with you.

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It is really sad that the IPL owners decided not to pick you up for the tournament. Without meaning any disrespect to VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid, both on my favorites list, I thought if they could invite bids, so could you. Given your record in the IPL and first class cricket, any body would have been a fool to ignore you. This proves IPL teams are run by a bunch of fools. I’m sure the Mallya camp was drunk, Shilpa was having a cozy conversation with her husband, Priety Zinta was as clueless as a goat in the jungle and Nita Ambani was thinking about what new gold plated fitting to install in her bathroom when your name was announced. So why worry about fools?

Having said that, I guess it was good to see you retire from all forms of the game. You were wise to retire from international cricket at the right time. Probably this was the time to say good bye to IPL as well. We’d surely love to see you as a coach. Have you considered that? May be you should start with a small team and then go on to make big. I look forward to it.

With that, I’d like to conclude and say good bye! And thank you for providing us entertainment all these years. You were without doubt one of the greatest batsmen in the Indian Cricketing world. I will always remember you as a tactical captain, wonderful off side player and a menace for spinners. Good bye and best of luck!

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to Sourav Ganguly

  1. Wow well said. I would love to see him coach a team. I think he has the strength to nurture and hone the skills of young players. Not to mention, teach them a thing or two about fighting!

  2. As we discussed earlier, Mayur. It looks more emotional and hardly logical. With no disrespect to Ganguly, even he knows it better that he should have retired years ago to make it a graceful exit for him and save himself from this embarrassment. Nobody cares if he leaves now… anyway there are no takers for him….and just because nobody “bought” him, doesn’t make Ambani or Mallya or Zinta “a bunch of fools”. IPL is their business and they know how to run it to their advantage.

    Besides I am not too sure how does his so-called “fighting spirit” or “aggression” add value to our camp when we have the Best Ever captain now… Do we really need Ganguly?

  3. and btw mentoring is much more than a mere “pep” talk on winning. Otherwise SRK would have been our coach doing an excellent job with his “yeh sattar minutes… “

  4. Personally I think by trying to hang around..he is just making a fool of himself. To give you an example…Churchill was the best prime minister for England during the war. After the war, Churchill lost the election. Why? It doesn’t mean that he was a bad leader but it was that his kind of leadership skill was not needed at that time.
    The rule is simple. You may be good in your time but everything has an expiry date. And if you try to hang on beyond yours, you are shown the door in no polite terms.
    So yes I agree…he should coach now or like Shastri and Gavaskar he can become a commentator. Or write a regular sports column. Or open sports institutes like Madan Lal.

  5. For the ones who are oblivious to the fact, Ganguly has already retired from international cricket more than 2 years ago. He was wise to step down when the time was right and allowed youngsters to take charge. I’m not complaining against the ones who are still playing. As long as one is fit, he can continue. But I guess the elders in the team have to give a thought to it. If Dravid, Laxman and Sachin all retire in the same year, I wonder who’ll lift our team.

    Anyway, the point is not whether Ganguly is the best or worst. The point is that he was hard done by the franchisee owners. A man who has proved himself so many times on the international scene should not have been side lined. One has to decide whether it was logic or madness behind selecting Dravid or Laxman while ignoring people like Jayasuriya and Ganguly.

    Okay so he was not bought. But when Kochi wanted to hire him outside the auction, why was it necessary for MI, RCB and Royals had to cite the rules? We all know how much rules have they followed themselves.

    Anyway, I don’t want to get into the debate now. I’m not happy that he is not a part of IPL4. I hope there is some thing better in store for him. Longlive the prince and his charm!

  6. Dear DADA ,
    I had met you before hope you have remembered me & my parents on DADAGIRI. I have seen in news that you have joined foot ball club ,so congratulations & hope you will have a good players in the team of Kolkata . Yesterday , I had seen your interview on ABP Ananda , Since IPL is starting tomorrow you have wished best of KKR So hope they win this year. Actually, dada I wanted to meet shahrukh khan & I don’t know what to do. I need your help,
    Thank You

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