Burst of (un)creativity

There are times like these when no creativity flows out of my brain. Some times I wonder why does it happen. There have been times when I felt like writing three posts in one day (and didn’t write for paucity of time). I have written intriguing stories, some times in parts stretching almost for a month. All that have been a fascinating experience, to keep thinking about a story and not let the imagination goawry. It keeps me very occupied and absolutely upbeat. And then there are these times… anyway!

After so many days, I had some free time today and as usual I decided to dedicate it to my blog. I thought of a topic, then ruled it out. Then I thought about another, then a story and then one more… and I realized that I was having a sudden burst of creativity with absolutely no creating talent poured into it. I mean a movie review can only be as creative as making a fun of the director and actors. I can add a dash of sarcasm to it and voila! the post is born. And then some one might say that I’m a good writer where as I know how good I am. So that was ruled out again.

Then I thought may be I should also take up those Wednesday, Friday, whatever day challenge and blabber some thing about some thing told by some one following some challenge. But then do you guys really believe that creativity can come to you only after some one challenges you to do it? I think not… I hope not. Besides I think why should we follow some one else’s challenge. Let us post our own challenge. Let us post our own Monday to Friday challenges. I’m going to put a separate post on it. But as of now we are talking about my creativity, which has gone to a new low.

Hmmm… creativity, they say, comes from inspirations. There aren’t any around here in my office. Frankly I think I should switch back to Love Stories. What say?  😉

6 thoughts on “Burst of (un)creativity

  1. I don’t know why you say a movie review is not something creative… I mean making fun of idiots like Madhur Bhandarkar for his stupid comedy – “Dil toh bachcha he ji” ( I don’t have to watch the movie to make fun of it, it’s an obvious piece of >$%^.) is not an easy task for everyone. I would have loved to be able to do that effectively… but I think I lack the creative aspect of Criticism…
    and btw, you are good in writing love stories… but not because you lack creativity in other topics.. what say?

    • Well I was exactly going to review the same movie. I will still review it. 🙂

      As for love stories, I dont have a pending topic in my brain. But I’m sure I will bump into an inspiration soon.

  2. I would love read your love stories but a bit disappointed to read your post implying it requires no creativity and could be posted just in the absence of a more sensible post(or during low creativity phase) 😦

    • Thank for the encouraging words Sapna. I guess I’m being misread here. Love Stories need creativity. All I wanted to say was that I should switch back to what I’m good at… writing love stories.

  3. I believe creativity comes from a “thoughtful mind”. If we stop thinking..it will definitely go down and if we put out thoughts unnecessarily everywhere..it will definitely give birth to something new. 🙂

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