I guess he was a good guy. Wearing a short short and jeans, he looked to be neat. He must be young and charming.

May be he was going to meet his girlfriend. He must be getting late. It must have been her birthday. And he must have forgotten to get a gift for her.

Or was he married? Was it his wedding anniversary? May be they had arranged a party at home and he had to go to office for some urgency. May be just the party was on his mind.

May be it wasn’t his marriage anniversary and he was going to pick his daughter up from school. May be he had a fight with his wife because he was late to go and pick his daughter up.

Or was he a good son? He was trying to reach to a doctor because his mother was not well? I think he must be rushing to get the doctor. He looked in such a hurry.

Whoever he was, he was not wearing a helmet.

A guy banged his bike at a road divider, then a mini truck and fell down on the cement road near Naupada in Thane yesterday. He was driving very fast. I witnessed. I don’t know if he is still alive.

Wear a helmet. It keeps your family happy… and keeps your head safe most of the times.

14 thoughts on “Gone!

  1. oh my god! so sad. it’s true we have to put our safety ahead of and other work even if it is the work to be done the next second. it takes just 2 seconds to keep our family safe and happy.

  2. ” The Helmet – Security for the world’s most precious software – The Brain -, Wear It.”— a thought for software engineer.

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