I Miss My Teens!

I miss the mist, the chilly winters, the bike rides to the tuition classes, the jacket less boasting of strength, the attitude bent on impressing the girls against a daring winter. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the empty roads, the greenery behind seminary hills, the drives in the officers club, the search for secluded spots, the hunt in the secluded spots, the long conversations sitting on the empty footpaths late in the night. I miss my teens. 🙂

I miss the care free behavior, the ‘park anywhere’ infrastructure of the city, the birthday parties at the friends, the last minute runs for cakes and gifts and the economically extravagant parties. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the road side omelet parathas, the Do rupaye ki chhe paani puris, the paanch rupaye plate dahi samosas, the lavish thalis at choicest of restaurants, the trips to dhabas with family and friends and the eating of full dinners at home despite eating out to avoid mum’s daant. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the tapori giri. The meri waali- teri waali conversations, the ideas given to friends, the unwanted helps, the tricks, the torments and the embarrassments. Oh… I miss my teens. 🙂

I miss the touch touch, the meaning of the touch, the anticipations, the exclamations, the longings and the frighteningly nervous retractions. I miss the anger, I miss the fights over whose is who, I miss not being patient. I miss my teens. 🙂

Any thing that I have achieved today or will achieve in years to come will never be able to replace the college life we lived. I’m sure you will agree.


5 thoughts on “I Miss My Teens!

  1. Well to put it right, I had started writing this post long ago… about a few months back. But I could not publish for some reason and it remained there in the drafts. I was checking the folder today and found this, edited and posted. What I have done now is added the smileys and the last sentence.

    So practically this is out of my blog’s nostalgia. 🙂

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