Best Picture Contest. Winner gets a T Shirt

It has been long time since readers have been submitting pictures to be posted on maxmayur blog. So I thought it is time I awarded the best one. I have carefully selected the 5 best ones I received. So here is your chance, vote for the best picture below. They are in the random order and not in the order of preference. The winner gets a free T shirt from me 🙂

The Village by Harshad
Moon-Goose by Neelam
Mirror Image by Ajay
Postcard from Pink City by Pallavi
Butterflies by Ajay

All you have to do is vote for the picture you think is the best. Please also encourage your friends to vote too. The poll will be open till the end of the month. And winner gets a T shirt. Go on! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Best Picture Contest. Winner gets a T Shirt

  1. Though photo by me is included here but my vote goes to The Village by Harshad. Its simple yet so complex if you see the different elements in the picture. Loved that one and for me Harshad’s pic is the best.

    Hope nobody minds if I vote with a remark 😉

  2. I’m voting for butterflies.
    @Ajay: Harshad’s photo is nice. Could you explain the complexities in it that I failed to notice?
    @Mayur: You’re giving away brand new t-shirt, right :p What will it say on the front? “Mayur Rawks!” 😉 ?

  3. Okay, some votes already. Let me tell you that it is difficult for me to choose between all of the above 5 photos. They are simply amazing.

    As of now, Village leads butterflies, 7 votes to 6. Common guys, what about some vote banking?

  4. It is a tough one. One pic better than the other!!!

    I am going for ‘The Village’. Don’t know abt the effects,subject…. Just coz it appeals to me. Simply loved the pic when I first saw it…

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