Auctions Drama at IPL Now Over!

Sourav Ganguly was snubbed out of the IPL auctions, deemed to old for age and too big for reputation to fit in any team. That was a sad SAD SAD!!! end to some one who has proved himself in the game so much. It completely disheartened me and put me off the auctions, though I followed it on the last weekend.

Having said that, the IPL obviously has a charisma of its own. Despite sad stories about Lalit Modi infested scandal and god knows how many other controversies, the money spinning league has managed to glue viewers to the screens. I like it for the cricket and the ecstasy. And I deem both words similar. Cricket is nothing without the excitement and ecstasy, in any form. Some find it in the BIG sixes hit by the players while others found them in the SIX ‘objects of visual pleasantry’ (un)clad in mini skirts dancing to the tune of whatever. I never paid attention to the music.

Anyway, the point it not about the cheer leaders. The point is that IPL has never failed to entice you (and me). The conveners have been very clever. Although I cant say the same thing about the owners of the team. They behaved like zombies huddled to decide how much more to spend on the useless players while insulting some of the priced once. It is evident from the fact that players of the likes of Graeme SwannDada and Jamie Anderson did not invite any bids, whileBollingerHilfenhaus and Harris… who lost to England in the ‘Sledgers Meet’ (read ashes) invited a fortune. Please note, the kind of condition Australianbowlers are in right now, any money paid to them is a fortune. Anyway.

There is nothing much to talk about now. Only wait for the IPL to kick off. Its a shame that I haven’t seen any live match (of IPL) yet. I’m going to correct that dubious distinction now. While I line up to do so, you can catchup more on IPLhere.

Foot Note: Ladies, please excuse me for the ‘objects’ remark. Some time the obvious blinds you (me) so much. But my conscience is not obscure 🙂


4 thoughts on “Auctions Drama at IPL Now Over!

  1. Its really sad the way Ganguly got treatment in all forms of cricket. He was the most successful caption and most aggressive of all. Anyways, no one can do much in this. I liked what Kumble did when he was again put on auction. I guess it was a wise decision. Lets see how KKR performs in IPL this year. (I hate Shahrukh :-P)

  2. Ganguly was not selected ! Its a bad news!
    IPL is about money and craze!
    I dont understand why one match wonders like Bollinger gets more money!
    and my favorite Grame didnt get more 😦
    and I dont have Shahrukh but I love Aamir and he is not supporting any team !!

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