Lost and Found!

Long ago, I wrote this one for my college magazine, albeit in Hindi. I was looking at the news channels after a long time today and they prompted me to translate it in Hindi. I hope it still strikes the chord 10 years after it was first published.

Written was a complaint in office, that he was lost…

Then started the hunt, for what was once pleasant and flourished.Some said they saw him with the friends in the corner of the alley,

Some spotted him with the grain spotting ladies in the back yard of the Haveli,

Some said he was spotted in the minds of the young, while

Some spotted him cherished unconditionally in the memories of the old.

He roamed around fearlessly in the woods, the prosperous countryside

While stroll around in amazement on the busy streets of the big towns.

Kings yearned for him, for power and the kingdoms willing to die

Queens swear by him and confess of the godly love

He was found in the smiles of the elderly and the laughters of the children.

He was spotted with the eating beggar while leaders said he accompanied them.

Every one saw him, every one enjoyed him… but today

Every one is searching for some one they feel is lost, or gone.

Some where in the blasts, they found him lying…

Bloodied and battered, buried under the load of corruption and guilt

He had wounds made by the same kings, leaders, queens and beggers

He made pleading requests, to the one who stamped him.

But still they walked over him, when he entertained them so much.

Some where in the ruins, and the land of the culprits… the found the free India!

We found the freedom… but we lost the country!


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