The Talent Bandwagon

Me introducing Ajay Kulkarni will be a little too much. 🙂

Some one who is from Nagpur and did his SSC/HSSC between years 1997-2000 might already know him as a meritorious student. His background and illustrious career so far speaks about his talent, knowledge and intelligence. If Ajay doesn’t start his own venture, I’m sure we are talking here to some one who’s gonna go very high up the corporate ladder. Enjoy your share of vision. 🙂

Somalwar. BITS Pilani. ST Micro. SP Jain school of Management. That looks like one hell of a journey. How has it been? What next?

Yeah, it has been an exciting and eventful journey full of learning from peers, seniors and from my own mistakes. The best part of this journey was BITS Pilani. Those were the years that groomed my personality and I am happy BITS happened to me. The most important part of getting into good schools and working at brand name companies is the kind of people you meet and the network you create. It is your asset which you can leverage at any point of time in life.

What next, well I am looking forward to working at a startup company into the upcoming field of digital marketing. Lets see how that works out…

After studying engineering from one of the elite institutes in India and then working for one of the very best companies, do you think management education was imperative? What will you suggest to your fellows or juniors?

After working for a few years your learning curve becomes stagnant and reaches saturation just like a technology life cycle curve. You may probably learn all management fundas in your job it’s a very slow process as the business side exposure is very limited. To accelerate your career progression and learning, management education is the way to go.

I would recommend MBA aspirants to get a good corporate exposure before going for an MBA. Job life teaches you how a corporate functions so that you can better appreciate the management fundas when you go for MBA. The catch here is to get into the right track fresh from college and not into coding jobs, which provide little exposure. There are several analyst jobs, sales jobs and research associate jobs available these days with top companies which provide a sound understanding of the industry you want to work in. After a few years in these roles you should look for 1 year MBA. These programs are ideal for people with 5+ years of experience. The 1 year MBA has not picked up in India but is very well accepted outside. It is a matter of 3-4 years before these programs pick up and becomes a rage…

We are both Marathi and from Nagpur. I think it has long been the need of the hour for Marathi entrepreneurs to grow and especially in Vidarbha region. What is your opinion?

I could not agree with you more. There are several opportunities available for people with entrepreneurial bent of mind. Vidarbha region will grow in the next decade and the time is ripe for experimenting with innovative ideas. Maharashtrians have a typical mentality to work for others rather than start something on their own, this is an unfortunate truth and it is time we change it. We need to get out of the comfort zone and start taking risks.

Easier said than done but then there is no short cut to success.

Given a chance to choose a career option which is non-engineering and non-management, what will it be and why?

Looking back commerce graduation would have been the way to go. I would still have done an MBA after that so I stay put with management education. Nothing against Engineering per se but I feel it is oversold. Unless you are from a top college and want to go for M.S or Phd, you typically land up doing mundane jobs. A non-engineering (read commerce, architecture, arts) graduate has the option of starting his own venture which I find exciting.

Do you have a real life hero? Can you tell us more about him/her?

I admire different things in different people. So no fixed real life hero as such. The person I look up to for inspiration depends on what my goal is at that point of time in life 🙂

Thanks for your time. Would you like to recommend some one who I can interview here?

You may want to interview Rishik Ghosh, he is my senior from BITS and did his MBA from ISB. Currently working with Accenture into business consulting. So this interview might give you material for readers interested in consulting career…

His email id is, you can give my reference, and I will speak to him.


4 thoughts on “The Talent Bandwagon

  1. That’s a good interview. And I know the guy Rishik Ghosh; we used to live in the same colony. He is a very intelligent guy and I’d love to read his interview.

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