Gaurav; The Geek!

Gaurav Bhorkar is my cousin brother. There is a significant different in our ages, which led me to believe that he is still small. But then I saw his contribution on CE, then I saw his blog, and then the programs he wrote… I guess I was a poor engineering student. Guys, here is the future! GB has all the potential to become a BG! You never know. πŸ™‚

Being from the same family, we all know how much the technology has penetrated our households (by that I mean it has not penetrated at all). With so little information available, what made you decide on an engineering career? Although technology hasn’t penetrated in our households, I had penetrated in me πŸ™‚ Ever since childhood I used to do ‘kadya’ with household equipments. My mother would always scold me because I ruined all wall clocks, failing to fix after opening them. Honestly, during my junior college days (11th – 12th) I prepared for the Pre-Medical test. That was because I found biology very easy. But I was wrong, I found biology easy, not interesting. And at that time after completing half the session preparing for Medicals, if I would’ve told dad that I want to switch to other field, he would have thrashed me. So I continued with PMT coaching although I knew that I’ll not be able to clear the test.
I never had a computer at home till 11th standard, but I always liked coding HTML. I learnt HTML in 11th in an academic subject called Information Technology. So that was the turning point. I took keen interest in that subject, trying to figure out how to make attractive web pages in plain HTML, Javascript and CSS. That’s why I kept a second choice (for dad, the choice was first for me) of pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. It was 2008 when CS engineers were eating dust. I couldn’t clear PMT, took admission in CS engineering in a moderately known college. Everybody thought I was a fool, took Computer Science even though knowing about the recession thing. And thank God! I never listened to others, I don’t at all regret taking up CS. I love my engineering field.

Your love for programming is already well known. So am I talking to the next Matt Mullenweg, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Tell us more about it.
As I said, I liked programming right from the beginning. It is not like I know a whole lot of computing stuff, but I know how to properly use what I have learnt. There is a very bad ongoing trend amongst budding computer engineers, they try to learn everything they can. You’ll find a lot of guys who know C, C++, C#, JAVA, Perl, Python..blah blah…a whole lot of languages. But what do they create out of their knowledge? Nothing..they just end up working for xyz company trying to debug code written by others. I think I’m well sufficient with C and C++. With the power of these two languages I can create a whole lot of stuff, and I have created that. I consider programming as my hobby, I create silly programs which are sometimes useful. I’ve put my programs on the internet,Β here. Unlike other students in my college I don’t learn for scoring, I learn for creating something useful, maybe that is why I fail to get good marks in subjects which I don’t like 😦

I have plans like everybody, I also want to have my own setup and I’m working for it.
Mullenweg, Mark Zuckerberg, Gates are stars of the computing jargon, very few people can match their level. I don’t dream big, I have short term goals, just want to get started. There is a famous saying, “Don’t dream for success if you want it, just do what you love, it will come naturally” (3 idiots) πŸ™‚

If you were not an engineer, what would you be? Tell us more about your career aspirations.
If I were not an engineer? um.. Probably I would have been a simple science graduate. I had two options, Medical or Computer Engineering. I went for Medical because Biology was easy, had a fall, came back to what I like, Computer Science. If engineering was not for me, then sciences graduate probably in computing field. As I am now in CS engineering, after completing the Bachelors, I want to explore further. Obviously I’m not going to change this field. Many people suggest going for MBA, but MBA is not for me. Why should I leave this technical field when I love what I do? So I have decided to pursue Masters in Technology in some field related to Comp. science. Which field within Computer Science? Well…It will depend on what interest I have after graduating. Interest keeps on changing, we know that. Currently my interest lies in the .NET technologies; someday it may change to embedded systems, or Internet Technologies.

Do you believe in Gurukul kind of learning set up (the way they used to have it in Ramayana, Mahabharata)? If given a chance to set up a college, what type of an institute will it be?
Teachers or Gurus are respected people. Recent developments have changed the way we learn, tuition has become an integral part of getting education. Because of this teachers at institutions teach carelessly. Also there are a lot of teachers who don’t know the subject they teach, thoroughly. We have many such teachers in our college. Although the Gurukul kind of learning set up will be difficult to implement in the wake of current ideologies and trends, it is possible to create an atmosphere of discipline and strict learning in institutions. If given a change, I would set up an institute which specializes in one kind of field. Like I’m from the Computing field, then my college would only specialize in education related to Computers’. Also it would be strict and would have Technologically Enhanced learning. People don’t make use of technology even if they have easy access to it. For example, there are a lot of video lectures and teaching material online, but no one makes use of it, even though it is free of cost and royalty free. So my college will use technology to a greater extent to provide quality education. And the most important thing, no donations in my college, and no corruption.

A famous quote from a cartoon strip Calvin & Hobbs –Β “You know how people are. They only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it.” What do you think of it?
To some extent. Great people are recognized by their own greatness. Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness was never confirmed by any authority, his greatness was visible.

Thank you for your time. Would you like to suggest some one who I can interview here?
That my pleasure. It was fun answering those questions. Suggestions.. um.. you have interviewed everybody I know.

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