Should Kasab be Hanged?

Frankly speaking, I dont want to answer this questions. Every time I hear that name, I remember the dreadful night when he killed so many innocent people in Mumbai. But every time I think of killing him instantaneously, I feel I should not do so.

Imparting a capital punishment is very easy. It only eases the passing of the culprit. Hanging Ajmal Kasab will make him a martyr. His name will be taken with respect by his brothers and mentors. They sent him to die as a ‘Shaheed’ any way.

I don’t think he should be hanged. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Should Kasab be Hanged?

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    • I dont know, but some thing deadlier than killing him outright. I’d rather have him fleeced the way the do to the rabbits for fur. Or may be starve him. But I’ll certainly not hang him. That is the easiest thing to do.

      Anyway, I’m not the one to decide it.

  2. Hanging Kasab is not a solution because he is just a fool just as many other fools are there. The one who is responsible for creating people like Kasab should be found and i do believe the punishment should be deadlier than death.

  3. He just need death sentence. If not the hanging, may be the another way. But, He has to die. How Cruelly he killed the people? Still that incident was rolling on my eyes.
    Don’t worry, our government won’t hang him.

  4. I second Sahithi: Don’t worry! Indian Govt won’t hang him.

    But I think he needs to be hanged. Not only because he needs to be punished but also because the amount of govt money spent on keeping him alive is insane plus no other Kandahar can happen asking for his release and he won’t go back home like a hero to only to kill other people and train others to kill more people.

    The damage he has done is already done. Just to inflict pain on him if we keep him alive, it might send out a wrong message that such a crime is not grave enough for capital punishment.

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