Looking Forward

Due to unfortunate delay from respondents, I have not been able to put the fourth interview of the season II yet. I look forward to getting the answers from the chosen ones soon. I’m sure we will be able to adhere to the ‘interview per week’ schedule.

In the mean time, let me tell you what you can expect from me in the coming weeks. One, I will complete the ‘Seven Deadly Sins‘ series this month.

Two, the year will end on a grim note as I plan to narrate a true story out of my life’s chapters for the readers. I saved it for 5 years inside my heart. But I guess it is time for me to vent it out. The date will be midnight of 24th December, exactly 5 years after it happened. So you might as well book your seat by subscribing to the blog.

And… after dabbling away from the favoured topic, some thing that made this blog popular… the love stories return in the new year! Ahoy, I’m looking forward to writing some. So what if publishers dont want to publish my book. I have readers in all you guys. Thanks really!

What else? Keep visiting, keep commenting. I want to interview you guys!


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