Harshad’s “if-then” Tag!

Harshad Italiya tagged me on his blog. I found it interesting. I have been asking lot of questions to people. Here is my chance to answer some thing 🙂

If I were a month … It will be April for sure. Reason? School holidays. Spring. Start of new financial year. My wedding anniversary. My son’s birthday. 🙂

If I were a day of the week … It will be Friday. I’m a TGIF fan!

If I were  a time of the day … 5.30am. I was born at that time. Plus it is the time forprayers

If I were a season … Monsoon without doubt. No point explaining.

If I were a planet … Mother Earth! There is so much life here.  🙂

If I were a sea animal … Nemo. I’d like to play that character.

If I were a direction … It will be the Z axis. Life is so boring without 3D.

If I were a piece of furniture … The wardrobe. Bade Dilwala… store all you can.

If I were a liquid … Ah tricky one. If I say water people will not value me and waste me. I cant give another answer. So I’ll pass 😉

If I were a tree … I’ll be tulsi or neem. Very valuable!

If I were a tool … I’ll be a screw driver. 😛

If I were an element … Oxygen without doubt! Dare you live without me.

If I were a gemstone … Ruby. (Diamond doesn’t suit me)

If I were a music instrument Guitar so that I could provide soothing musical variety.

If I were a colour … White, the combination of all colours.

If I were an emotion … It must be affection, for it needs no form physical or psychological.

If I were a fruit … Difficult one! I’ll pass as I cannot choose.

If I were a sound … A baby’s laughter. If you haven’t heard a small baby laughing, you cant comprehend with me.

If I were a car … Hmmm, I could have said M5 but I guess I’ll go with RR Ghost! (Click link)

If I were a taste … Sweet taste. Though I dont like it, I’ll choose as it is associated with happiness.

(Phew… long list!)

If I were a fragrance … Smell of earth after the rains. It is the sweetest and purest!

If I were a pair of shoes … Canvas shoes! I’m a PETA supporter.

If I were a bird … Yeah I will be an Eagle. Surely.

Oh done? Good. I hope I answered properly. Thanks for the tag Harshad!

13 thoughts on “Harshad’s “if-then” Tag!

  1. Really explanations beats the answers. Awesome ! But still would like to know the answer for this question 😉
    If I were a fruit …[So many fruits are there]

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