Volkswagen, You are BAD!

I had a complaint Volkswagen’s showroom in Thane. I had a bad experience and I ably wrote to the company to voice my concern. But it seems my voice has fallen on deaf ears. It has been 20 days since the event and I’m still waiting for a reply from Volkswagen India.

It happened a day before Diwali. We have been thinking about changing our car and were on a look out for some time. I was interested in exploring more about the new Vento launched by VW. Despite my wife’s complaints about the name, we still walked in to the Volkswagen Thane showroom.

Volkswagen Vento

Image Courtesy, The Hindu

I could understand that since it was the holiday season, there were lot of prospective buyers in the showroom. So didn’t mind that much when we waited 20min before some one noticed us. Obviously all the sales advisers were busy. So we asked for a test drive to save time. I specifically asked for a petrol version, only to realise while driving that the vehicle they handed me over was a diesel one. When I complained and asked for the petrol version, the guy simply turned me down and asked to talk at the reception. Going to reception desk was another task. First, there was no one at the desk. Two, we were still ignored despite lot Blue & Grey uniformed people roaming here and there. We decided to come at some other time.

Few days later, we visited the showroom again. At precisely 6:25pm, we were at the door. I thought we will get a better treatment and attention at least this time. To our surprise, we still spent 15min trying to tell couple of them that we had come for en enquiry of a ‘Petrol’ Vento. Finally one sales advisor pitied on us and decided to pay attention. After we told him about what we were looking for, he asked us to come at some other time because we were late. Late? I told him that we were here since 15min struggling to grab attention. And all I could see lot of people in a hurry to go as if some one had planted bombs all over the building. To which he replied that the showroom closes at 18:30 and that we should come some other time between 09:30 and 18:30. What the…

Neither were we given a brochure nor were we treated nicely. Some one at Volkswagen might say that I don’t look rich enough to buy a car worth 9 lacs. May be I don’t, but I wanted to buy it. But thanks to a shoddy treatment by Volkswagen, we have decided never to return to the Volkswagen showroom again. Thank you Volkswagen, you just motivated me to buy some other better car!

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