Up at 5!

I’m not used to getting up early. The earliest I have woken up on my own is 7am (and the latest is 8:30. Yay man! great consistency.) Since the time we had our baby boy, we as in the family were used to getting up at odd hours. In fact, my kiddo made sure we woke up at the oddest of hours. 🙂   But I managed to go back to sleep every time, even if it is for 15-20min. Today it did not happen that way.  😉

As usual, our boy woke every one up at around 4:45am. Initially I tried to act as if I was sleeping in a railway compartment and some one else’s boy was cooing in the neighbouring cabin. But then my wife was a bit tired and even my mother had a headache a night before. So after 15 minutes of hard try I finally gave up and decided to attend the 6 and half month old Calvin behave-alike. Now there is a reason why I mentioned Calvin (the famous Calvin from the cartoon strip C&H). Because my boy ensures that he has all the attention from you as long as he is awake. You can not afford to look else where. And as soon as you lose your sleep completely, he starts whining and has to be put to sleep.

I wish making a baby sleep was as easy as waking him up. Though it took some time, I finally succeeded in making my baby sleep. Now at 5:40am when it was still dark out side, I was out of work, out of sleep and out of my bedroom. I thought why not use this valuable time to do some thing constructive. Now obviously I could not go out for a morning walk, for if he woke up, I had to attend him again. So I decided to do some stretching and Pranayam. I don’t know why things that hurt you are always good for you. Exercise is one of them. I stretched my body parts in various awkward positions and then blew my wind pipe like a syphon. Despite exclusively doing all the ‘correct’ stuff, it was still 6am in the morning. So the question was back again, what next?

Divinity, they say (I dont know who), often comes at odd hours. Morning 6 o’clock IS ODD for me. That is why I probably thought of giving myself a doze of spirituality and switched on the idiot box. The first channel had a program showing many singers (mostly old) reciting bhajans. 5 minutes and half a bhajan later I was listening to some sage addressing a very large gathering in Palampur. Then I was watching some other channel teaching Yog. That caught my attention for a short while (since most of the demonstrators were young ladies). But finally I settled myself to watch the highlights of the cricket match. They were showing great innings by past cricketers. When I saw, Sourav Ganguly‘s world cup hundred against Kenya was being showcased. I like him and so I hung around with it.

By the time it was few minutes past 7, I had prepared a nice breakfast for myself comprising of an omelette, some toasted bread, a slice of cheese and a good hot cup of whole milk tea. The highlights had finished by then and my next task had arrived at the gate, the daily news paper. I navigated between Prithviraj Chavan‘s appointment as Maharashtra CM, the Asian games extravaganza in Guangzhou, India‘s second test against New Zealand, The power grid FPO and relevantly irrelevant news for the next half an hour. By then my entire family had woken up. They were surprised to know that I was awake since as early as 5 and wondered what I did. 🙂

I must tell you… depriving myself with couple of hours of sleep is actually making me feel fresh. 😛

10 thoughts on “Up at 5!

  1. Have some great games on your pc ;). I have Age of Empire III and NFS Most wanted. After my work at home i normally spend an hour playing these games. No matter its 3 or 4 am :)). I still feel them as stress busters. Of course these two games were my first pc games which we use to play at ur place.

  2. What do mean you are not allowed?? Hope you are not facing same problem as i do….my family is frustrated by my games. They think i dont have any work and i just spend all night playing games.

  3. nice read! i am actually forced to wake up at 5 everyday thanks to my college bus timings 😦 like it is very rare for you to get up this early it is only rare for me to get up at 7:00…but i always wish i could 😉

  4. 7 is ODD for you?
    Even 8.45 is ODD for me, I can count the days I woke up earlier than 9 AM!!
    But listing down the daily activities in a interesting way!!

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